Monday, May 16, 2005

Please Don't Die!

While watching the tribute to Nancy Reagan on C-SPAN this weekend, it occurred to me that I really hope Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton live forever.

The MSM hated Ronald Reagan, but they actually gave his passing quite a bit of coverage. Can you imagine what it's going to be like when Carter or Clinton die?

With Carter it will be endless prattling about his Nobel Peace Prize. You know, the one he earned by helping a madman in North Korea attain nukes? Little to nothing will be said about his disastrous domestic policies that caused inflation to skyrocket and interest rates to hit 20%.

The Nobel Peace Prize should really be renamed the "Nobel Prize for Helping to Bring Down the Great Satan".

Clinton will be remembered for...I'm not sure. He never actually did anything while he was in office other than midnight basketball for kids who should be in bed resting up for school the next day. I'm sure that the economic explosion of the 90's will be attributed to him, though that was caused almost completely by the internet boom (You could, indirectly, attribute it to Al Gore I suppose. After all, he took the initiative in creating the internet).

And the love-fest will go on 24/7 for months. I my emigrate to the Yukon if that happens. If it isn't already full from the 3 Americans who may have actually followed through on their threat to move to Canada if Bush won.

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  1. Tribute? Nancy didn't die, did she? I think I would have heard of that, even with all our exciting politics up here in Canuckistan. I don't get CSPAN, what was the tribute for?