Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Could it be?

From Reuters:

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Wednesday denied a report that he authorized the military to shoot down a small plane that prompted evacuations of Washington power centers earlier this month.

The Washington Post, quoting federal officials who spoke on condition of anonymity, reported on Wednesday that Rumsfeld had given the military authority to take the action, if necessary, against the Cessna 150 that had wandered into restricted airspace over the Washington area on May 11.

Gee, while trying to show what a bloodthirsty killer Rumsfeld (and by extension the Bush administration) is, the MSM relies on anonymous sources and gets it wrong...again. Anyone shocked?

You'd almost think that it's a disinformation campaign to make the MSM look bad while Rummy and Bush roll around laughing at how easy it is to dupe these guys.

But I'll save that conspiracy theory for Air UnAmerican. I'd bet that it shows up within a week.


  1. Speaking of Air UnAmerican, I hear tell that Al Franken is planning to pollute your neck of the woods with his slimy presence. Says he wants to run for the Senate. Best thing he should be doin' is runnin' for cover...
    Just an observation: the more time he got on Saturday Night Live, the worse the show was.

  2. My damned troll is all over this (and apparently, he is someone I dated in high school, which annoys me even more). The document clearly states that it is the FBI citing the claims of caputred terrorists. Suprise, suprise--they say the US mistreated them. And the source? The ACLU. Now that's good information