Sunday, April 10, 2005

Mike, where are you?

Has anyone heard from Michael Moore lately? I haven't heard his jowls flapping for a couple of months now.

Maybe somebody should run up to this "man of the people's" mansion and make sure that he didn't get a cheeseburger lodged in his throat or something.

Or could it be that the Democrat party (including the MSM) realized that he's a liability and aren't returning his phone calls?

I certainly hope not. He was one of our best anti-lib advertisements.

- The Exile


  1. I don't know where Mike is, but I do know that we have a new idiot on the block--Dean's People. They are actually more fun than Moore, because they believe that Mike didn't get the whole story.

    P.S. Brief update: The appellant, the guy I argue against, missed the deadline to turn in his brief to the court. Pros, he won't have enough time to get an argument together since he's probably freaking out right now. Cons, he was served with our brief and gets to copy it. And I don't have a full brief to go from on Monday, or his argument. This should be interesting.

  2. The guy was probably too busy writing his blog to meet the deadline.