Wednesday, May 25, 2005

McCain: More Me Now!

I've heard endless debate over the past two days over who won and who lost in the filibuster compromise. Nobody can seem to figure out who the winners and/or losers are. Why? Because there aren't any winners or losers. Nothing has changed.

It was a political sleight-of-hand designed to accomplish nothing more than get 14 left-wing Senators' names in the news as being "bipartisan".

The Democrats can still filibuster and the Republicans can still vote to end the filibuster.

The problem is, just as when the Democrats started filibustering judges for the first time in history and then, when we tried to stop them, accused us of "changing the rules", they'll now filibuster some judge as "too extreme" and, when we bring up the "nuclear option", they'll accuse us of backing out on the deal.

You know it's coming.

But that's OK. John McCain got his mug in the spotlight and managed to get in a shot at President Bush, whom he's still mad at for beating him in the 2000 primaries. After all, the MSM had christened HIM as it's darling! Mostly because they knew he'd be easy to beat when the real race began; but his ego won't let him see that. The Republican base would never stand behind him. And after this, any further political aspirations he may have had (e.g. the Presidency) are finished for good.

As long as we don't forget this. I, for one, intend to make sure that we don't.

What a pathetic little man he is.

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  1. You are correct sir. The republican base can't stand McCain. The media loves him because of his disloaylty to his party. Then the schmuck thinks he's going to get the nomination in 08? Puhlease. I would not be surprized to see money POUR into AZ for his opponent in the senate primary whenever that is.