Monday, May 23, 2005

Remove Their Propaganda

I have the perfect solution to help Newsweek not make the same mistake and get even more people killed: take away all of the copies of the Koran at Gitmo.

What the hell are we giving these people copies of the Koran for in the first place? This is the book that got these savages into their present mindset to begin with! It would be comparable to giving German POW's copies of Mein Kampf during WWII!

Who's bright idea was this anyway? "I know, let's give these people the very document that started them off killing us in the first place!"

God help us, but the military has become "culturally sensitive". I think that we should give them a copy of the Bible and The Constitution. Maybe that would help them evolve into at least the 19th century.

Do they give Christians a copy of the Bible when they capture them? No, they give them a knife across the esophagus.

Saudi Arabia shreds any Bibles if it finds foreigners trying to bring them into the country.

You can be executed for converting from Islam to Christianity in most Muslim countries.

But some Leftist rag publishes a story based on nothing, and 17 people die.

Because that's what these savages want to believe about America. And they'll just conveniently ignore the part of the Koran that speaks of Muslims not killing other Muslims.

I swear, these people are looking as hypocritical as Teddy (whattya you lookin' at?) Kennedy.


  1. Cultural sensitivity when it comes to Mohammed's death cult just gets people killed. The US should eliminate Islam from first amendment protection cause it's not a religion but a political sect and a death cult.
    Any religion that ok's murder and oppression needs to be de-legitimized.

  2. For gosh sakes, they used the Bible as toilet paper when they were holed up in the Church of the Nativity.

    Besides, what is there to understand? They want to kill us.