Thursday, May 05, 2005

My Ethics = Your Ethics = Good

From the AP:

According to the researchers, journalists are significantly more ethical than the average adult — eclipsed only by seminarians, doctors and medical students.

"We did not really think that journalists would come out as high as they did," said Coleman.
Wilkins and Coleman surveyed journalists for the first time using a decades-old model for assessing one's morals, a test given to more than 30,000 people representing numerous professions...

Wilkins and Coleman traveled to newsrooms across the country for two years interviewing a sampling of 249 journalists.

Using a version of the Defining Issues Test, developed in the 1970s at the University of Minnesota, the professors offered participants six ethical dilemmas, each followed by a dozen questions that seek to determine what motivated a journalist's decision.

After I pulled myself together and quit laughing, I thought about this for about 2 seconds and it all made sense.

If it's a bunch of professors at the University of Minnesota who are defining what "ethics" are, it's really no wonder that their definition of "ethics" matches those of journalists; they're both left-wing loonies.

I'm sure that the questions were something along the lines of:

If you were to see a black man walking down the street towards you, you would:

a) Call your religious friends together and have a good, old-fashioned lynching.
b) Shoot him with your permitted handgun.
c) Call him a nigger.
d) Offer him a job.
e) Offer him someone else's money.
f) Offer him a job paid for with someone else's money.

I'd bet that the results would come out quite differently if it were an independent, nonpartisan group who had designed the test.

Notice how desperately they try to validate the "test" by saying that it's "decades-old". Age does not make anything correct. And anything from the '70's culture is definitely suspect.

I live within screaming distance of the U of Minnesota. I pay for it with my tax money. I know what a bunch of Left-wing fanatics lurk there. the people there aren't much different than Ward (I don't wanna be Whitey) Churchill.

Nice try.

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