Saturday, May 07, 2005

Let's End It

There's really a very easy way to create stability in Iraq.

Pull the troops out of Germany and all of the other countries where they're not needed, add 100,000 troops in Iraq, put 100,000 troops on Iran's border and 100,000 troops on Syria's border and tell them that it might be a good idea to seal their borders to keep these terrorists from invading Iraq. We'd hate to have any misunderstanding about who's supporting these terrorists who are undermining our efforts. That could lead to some really unpleasant consequences.

Then let the Iraqi forces deal with the internal problems.

This "insurgency" would be over in a month once the Iraqi forces hunted down and shot all of the terrorists who were trapped in Iraq with no replacements coming in from the aforementioned countries.

We could end this. If the Gulf War taught us anything, it should be that overwhelming force wins.

What do you think Iran and Syria would do when they got a peek at 100,000 American boys with their tanks, stealth bombers, fighters, artillery and high-tech equipment sitting 50 yards from their border?

My guess is that we would see no more illegal immigrants in Iraq. None. Iran and Syria's border guards would execute anyone approaching the border from their side. Because that M1-A1 Abrams tank over there just happens to have his turret pointed at my guardshack. And they don't miss.

Sure, they'd rant and rave over at the U.N., but who cares? For once the U.N. wouldn't be on the side of these little dictators, because that would mean they'd have to have endless resolutions against America. Maybe even try to sanction us. And if they do that, we pull out and they're finished.

Iraq would be stabilized in a heartbeat.

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