Monday, April 04, 2005

You're too Smart for That.

I keep hearing of this supposed pressure from the "Religous Right" since the last election, but I don't believe a word of it.

It's just another way for the MSM and the Left to make everyone believe that the Republican Party has been taken over by "religous fanatics".

What evidence is there? Bush hasn't done much but Social Security since the election. Not a very religous issue there.

The Congress stood up for Terri Schiavo but, religion aside, that was the right thing to do. Not to mention trying to put the Judicial Branch on notice.

Unfortunately the Left managed to spin Congress' stand against the Judiciary into "Congress poking it's nose into family matters" (and what, exactly, do they think that the Judicial Branch was doing that was any different??). Yeah, I know: States' rights and Federalism and all that. But it is perfectly right to bring things to the Federal level if you can't get anyone at the State level to take your side seriously.

Now that the Left has managed to shame the Congress, the Judicial Branch has free reign to do what they want. Congress will never have the guts to try again.

If you think that the courts have been bad in the past, hold on to your proverbial hats.

The charges that the "Religous Right" is taking over the Republican Party are a sham, put out there to scare the usual suspects who are barely paying attention to politics. Usually the ones who call themselves "Independents" and, almost always, vote Democrat. And it's working.

- The Exile

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  1. You are very much right. I am very much wrong. I changed the post to reflect my new-found wisdom. I think that brief is starting to eat away at my psyche. I need Friday to come really fast. Oh, no I don't. If its Friday, it means the brief has to be in! AAAAUUUGGGHHH. Sorry. First time I've argued at the Federal Circuit Court level and its freakin' me out.