Thursday, April 28, 2005

Minister of What???

From Girl on the Right's blog:

Did the Layton (our new Minister of Recycling) /Martin deal get
Conservative supporters down? Maybe tax time made you realize you didn't have as
much laying around as you thought - though wouldn't that be a reason to help the

Minister of Recycling? You gotta be kidding!

That reminds me of the old Monty Python sketch in which the news announcer was speaking of "The Minister In Charge of Running Up the Stairs Two-At-A-Time, Flinging Open the Door and Shouting, "Aha, Caught You Margaret!" It's really not much more silly than "Minister of Recycling".

Any of you Canucks who read this had better get over to Right Girl's blog and donate some money to the cause of getting rid of people who would even consider something as stupid as a "Minister of Recycling".

- The Exile


  1. Technically he isn't Minister of Recycling. But as a Lefty, he's more interested in the environment than letting Canadians keep their hard-earned money. He's added $4.6B to our already overstuffed budget, to pay for things like reducing smog and encouraging public transportation blah blah blah. He has ripped the government out from under the corrupt Liberals, and stolen even more money out of my pocket.


  2. Boy, is my face red.

    Kinda funny that your government has gone so far to the left that the idea that they would have a Minister of Recycling is actually plausible to someone like me. I'm not a very gullible person.

    $4.6 billion? I think our congress lost that much in their sofa cushions last year.