Friday, April 08, 2005

Mentally Handicapped MSM

The coverage of the Pope’s funeral brought out the idiocy in the MSM. Again.

The blatherers on CNN actually pointed out the fact that some of the world leaders were seated in alphabetical order…if you used the French names of their countries.

What the hell did that have to do with anything? I’m pretty sure that the French weren’t running the seating arrangements for the Vatican. And even if they were, so what? They could have seated them according to shoe-size or height, I guess. This woman was just trying to show off her “sophistication”. “I even THINK in French (sniff)”. More likely somebody else pointed it out to her.

And somewhere else, possibly CNN again, I heard one of them say something to the effect of, “for the size of this crowd, it’s remarkably nonviolent”.

What the hell did they expect at a funeral for a Christian religious leader? I’ll tell you what they expected: running street-battles among all of these warmongering “religious conservatives”.

And I’d bet you that it never crossed their minds that, whenever you get any sizeable crowd of their liberal friends together, you almost automatically have riots.

Or maybe they were thinking that it would turn out like your typical mid-east religious leader’s funeral. Anybody watch Yasser Arafat’s funeral? Yeah, I know, he wasn’t a religious leader, but they worshipped him nevertheless. Or how about when they dropped the Ayatollah Khomeini’s body during his funeral because of the rampant crowds? Now THAT was funny!

Remember: the morons spouting this idiocy are the ones from whom the majority of Americans get their news. That explains why half of them vote Democrat.

- The Exile

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  1. My husband and I were discussing the same thing on Friday. How when some middle eastern martyr dies, you have all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, guns going off, people crowd surfing the body. Whenever there's a religious festival over there, like the pilgrimage to Mecca or whatever, people are always crushed to death, or a huge fire breaks out in a mosque. These things just don't happen in civilized society. Four million pilgrims come out to honor the Pope (4 million!!), and one woman quietly dies of dehydration in line. People stand patiently waiting their turn, singing hymns, thanking the volunteers for the bottled water. When the guards finally close the gates, people push on, but in a demanding and non-violent way. But do they storm the doors of St Peter's? No. Do they burn things? No. They cry, and bed down till the funeral the next morning.

    That's a beautiful way to honor a beautiful man.