Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Isolationism Sounding Good

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States is playing down the crisis in Sudan and should take the lead in global efforts to resolve the conflict, said a leading international advocacy group Tuesday. (International Crisis Group)

So we should play "the world's policeman" only where and when they want us to? Why aren't they criticizing France? France is supposedly still a bigshot in the world. Or Germany, or Canada or anyone else who whines about us going into any country without their approval. Like John Kerry said, we need a permission slip from these people to go anywhere.

But this mission wouldn't be an elimination of a threat to the US, so it's OK. They like us to feel threatened. They want us to feel as scared and as worthless as they do.

Donors pledged $4.5 billion at an international conference in Oslo this month to help Sudan recover from Africa's longest civil war. The United States, with a pledge of $1.7 billion, is the largest donor.

They're glad to take our money. I notice that the story didn't mention how many donors were at the above conference, but I'd bet that nobody else came close to donating 38% of the total raised. And what do we get for it? As always, more criticism.

And now they want us to rattle our sword for them, too.


  1. Police work for (and in the interests of) the community in which they work in. This is a necessary part of policing.

    If police work in their own interests (where these do not coincide with the interests of the community) we rightly describe this as an abuse of power. Or we call them gangsters.

  2. If I understand the point you're trying to make, you're speaking of the "world community".

    Well, in case you weren't aware of it, America is still a sovereign nation and our military and diplomatic corps is our "police force", dedicated to protecting & serving America.

    What these people want is akin to some group whining because Los Angeles' police force isn't taking care of a problem in San Diego. They don't care if Los Angeles' gang problem would be ignored and allowed to grow, they just want what they want.

    It's no different from any of the other children on the Left crying because they're not getting what they want.

  3. Update: Is it any wonder that Mr. Bartlett (above) apparently works in "the ivory towers of academia" and his interests include 'socialism'?