Saturday, April 30, 2005

Tolerate This

Is it just me, or was this country better off when intolerance wasn’t a bad word?

We’re supposed to be ‘tolerant’ of people who don’t want to work, criminals who destroy our quality of life, single motherhood, homosexuality thrown in our faces, illegal aliens invading our country, the government running programs that the vast majority of Americans don’t agree with and on and on.

What this country needs is more intolerance. Political correctness needs to be banished from the land.

The frightening thing about so-called ‘tolerance’ movement of the Left, is that it is, in itself, extremely intolerant.

It tolerates no dissention, it tolerates no viewpoint that disagrees with it’s own views, it will destroy your life if you disagree with it.

How many of you hedge your words or don’t speak your mind because you fear the consequences of saying what you really think? I’d bet that 99% of you do it every day. But it’s the liberals that are always screaming about freedom of speech. Doesn’t that bother you?

Here’s a liberal joke for you: Three persons walk into a bar and nothing bad happens to any of them.

Stop it man, you’re killing me.

If you say that homosexuality is wrong or that single-motherhood may not be good for this country, you are made to feel like a pariah. If you point out that 12% of the population is committing the majority of violent crimes you are branded a ‘racist’. In fact, in many companies, you can be fired for it! At the very least you will be sent to ‘sensitivity training’. The companies that do this are infringing on your first amendment freedom of speech rights, and somebody should really turn the tables and sue them for it.

The problem is that it has slowly become such a part of life that nobody thinks about it anymore.

The funny thing about political correctness is that it destroys the ability to speak the truth.

The first case that I remember is when sports commentator Jimmy the Greek said in the mid-eighties that blacks are sometimes better athletes because, during the slavery era of this country, plantation owners bred slaves to be as big and healthy as possible.

Yes, that is distasteful, but it is also true!

Jimmy the Greek was fired for saying that. In other words, for speaking the truth!

Yes, it was a terrible time in America, yes it was despicable to breed humans like animals, but that’s the way it happened. Should somebody have their life ruined for talking about it 150 years later?

The first amendment guarantees freedom of speech. It guarantees that you can say stupid things. It guarantees that you can say things that aren’t true. What Jimmy the Greek said was neither stupid nor untruthful and he was still fired.

What he said made some people feel uncomfortable. They said so and his career was ruined.

And it's even worse today. If anyone belonging to a Democrat-protected monority group, for any reason, feels uncomfortable about anything, their lives will be ruined.

When are we going to start suing over free-speech rights? If they want to use the courts to promote their agenda, so should we. It's obvious that the judicial system is never going to be fixed, so we may as well use it.

- The Exile

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  1. In the latest edition of Corporate Law Times (Jesus, I never thought I'd be writing about the friggin' Corporate Law Times!) there is an article on blogging. Specifically it deals with the case of the Delta stewardess who was fired for posting (sexy) pictures of herself, in uniform, on her blog. She said that getting fired was an infringement on her First Amendment rights. Well, no, actually it wasn't. She was fired by a corporation. The First grants the freedom to say stupid things and not be persecuted by the government. It doesn't cover you for your job. Which is why I wonder about Ward Churchill's continuing employment... People can and do get fired for their opinions, and the First can't protect them.