Thursday, April 21, 2005

We Hate Everyone, Because We Can.

Again and again I hear Democrats and Lefties saying that Republicans are “attacking” Social Security.

Why would we “attack” it? The word attack implies that we want to intentionally damage it for some reason, but they never have any plausible explanation of what that reason is. Yes, we want to change it because it’s not going to work for long the way that it is now, but attack it?

The only reason that I can possibly think of for them to accuse Republicans of "attacking" Social Security is that they think that we really do hate the people who are using it. Why would we hate them? Ya got me. Think about that. Why would we hate them? Have you ever heard a liberal give any reason that made any sense regarding why we hate all these people? Me either.

A change in any one of their precious programs is always considered an attack on it. It was the same with welfare reform. When we proposed changes to make the system work better, they constantly called it an “attack on the welfare system”.

Medicare, Medicaid, public schools…take your pick. Even when it’s obvious to everyone with anything even approaching an open mind that one of these programs isn’t working, to the Democrats it doesn’t matter; we still can’t change it. If anyone proposes any changes, we are attacking it because we "hate" the people who are using and/or running those programs.

Sure, sometimes we disapprove of them or are even disgusted by their behavior. But hate? Not that I''m aware of. Any negative judgement of anyone by a Conservative is considered "hate". They judge Conservatives all the time but, with their typical hypocrisy, that's OK.

I believe that the whole left-wing, conspiracy-theory insanity that we've seen lately began with the first leftist uttering the words "hate-filled Republican". They had nothing to back it up and no reason to think that we actually hated anyone but, just like today's left-wing nuts, they don't need no stinkin' facts or reasons. They believe it to be true; therefore it is.

Those are the people who are part of the "reality-based community". Yeah. Right.

- The Exile


  1. And I thought I hated everyone just because I'm mean and closeminded. Thanks for the SITREP. I linked here from the Princess's Realm, like your blog, bro. I will be back, and will send some hits your way. Later on, bro.