Monday, April 04, 2005

Clintons & China

I've been reading "Rewriting History" by former Clinton advisor Dick Morris. The book only intesified my disgust with the absolute sleaze in that administration, but one thing jumped out at me that sums up their character completely.

When the Clinton's were stealing everything that wasn't nailed down on their way out of the White House, they also took 137 five-piece sets of china. China that belonged, legally, to you and me.

Think about that: who needs 137 sets of china!?

I don't care how big their house is or how rich these people (you know, the ones who are "for the poor") are, they cannot seat 137 at their dining room table! So why did they take it?

Because they could. Because they wanted it. Because they thought they could get away with it.

And I doubt that it was even "they". Hell, Bill Clinton is happy eating McDonald's french fries right out of the bag. Do you think that he wanted 137 sets of fine china?

In other words, there really was no good reason to take it and, unless Bill wanted to hawk it at the Chappaqua pawn shop, it was most probably Hillary who took it.

Because she wanted it and would have thrown a tantrum if she couldn't have it.

I despise this woman and some of the details of what she's done are starting to slip my mind. Can you imagine how fast these details are fading in people who don't pay as much attention to politics as I do? Especially now that she's keeping a low profile for that very reason?

We need to keep this woman's sleaziness out there so people will remember it all when 2008 rolls around.

And remember, Condi for President kills Hillary's chances.

- The Exile

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