Wednesday, April 27, 2005

LRT - 2, Guns - 0

A man was hit and killed by a train on our new light-rail transit (LRT) system in Minneapolis on Monday.

This follows another man's death when his car was struck by the train back in September.

The whole LRT program was shoved down taxpayer's throats so that the usual bunch of liberals around here could get that warm, fuzzy feeling from helping the environment and aiding poor people.

The LRT system, of course, ended up going over budget by about 1 billion dollars and opened a year late. In other words, your typical liberal program.

LRT was supposed to ease traffic congestion (it hasn't) and help the poor (it hasn't) by giving them a way to get around. Apparently the buses weren't good enough.

The only "poor" people who seem to be riding it would appear to be gang-bangers going out to the Mall of America.

And, of course, the liberals who jammed this down our throats are saying that it's a failure because we need more lines which, of course, will cost more money.

A bunch of liberals saying that one of their programs isn't working because it isn't big enough and needs more money? I'm shocked. I gotta go lie down.

And these very same liberals are the ones who got rid of Minnesota's short-lived "shall issue" concealed carry gun law which, in the year or so that it was in effect, recorded absolutely zero incidents of a permit-carrying gun owner misusing it. None. Nada. Nichts. Certainly, there were no deaths because of the law.

They were screaming about how the bodies would be piling up in the streets. They were howling about there being 20,000 more guns on the streets (the actual number was about 5,000 permits). I couldn't count the number of times that I heard the words "O.K. Corral". In other words, all of their sound and fury, as usual, signified nothing.

But in the 10 months that LRT has been running there have been multiple accidents and two men have been killed because of it.

Guns don't kill people, Liberal programs kill people.

UPDATE: I've been meaning to post this for a couple of days now, but Blogger ate it once and my work computer ate it once ::mutter:: I had links to the Red Star Tribunal's story on those posts, but it now seems that they've chucked the story down the memory-hole. They had to report it, but the sooner that it goes away the better in their eyes.

- The Exile

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