Friday, April 29, 2005

Liberal Garbage

Ahh. Finally back at my overly large plot of land in the suburbs.

I drove into downtown Minneapolis (I live about 20 miles north) tonight to see Garbage at First Avenue. That's the bar that Prince put on the map in "Purple Rain". I'm not a big Prince fan, but an interesting sidenote. I guess.

It was rather odd being in a packed bar that wasn't full of smoke since the Socialist government of Minneapolis implemented it's city-wide smoking ban last month. It didn't make it any more or less enjoyable, it was just odd.

If I would have been thinking ahead, I would have worn my "Right-Wing Extremist" T-shirt. In that crowd I probably would have spent more time arguing than watching the show, but that could have been fun too.

However, as my friend and I were driving home, we noticed that many of the parking lots in our old hangouts were only half full. We both thought that this was odd, it being 10:00 on a Friday night. It used to be that the parking lots were full and cars were parked for blocks in each direction on the streets.

Then it struck me: the smoking ban. Everybody had fled to the suburbs where they could still smoke if they wanted to.

Over and over during the whole debate, the liberal anti-smoking Nazis assured business owners that they had done studies of other cities and that smoking bans hadn't hurt their business climate.

Well, I'll believe my own eyes before I believe one of their skewed studies. Once again a liberal program doesn't live up to its billing and also hurts business owners.

Anyone out there shocked?

- The Exile

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