Wednesday, April 27, 2005


If you have an extra nickel, please donate it to The Thomas More Law Center.

This organization is dedicated to defending Christian and Conservative causes against the likes of the ACLU.

You know, the ACLU, which was founded by a Communist and now attacks anything even remotely associated with traditional American values.

The people who bring millions of dollars and free lawyers attacking small communities because they have a cross in their school or a nativity scene on their City Hall lawn and very little money to fight with. These chickenshits wouldn't think of attacking a large city with the resources to fight them.

Not that they'd have to. All large cities seem to be controlled by the very people who make up the ACLU. These cities also happen to have the highest taxes, highest crime-rates, highest illegitimacy name it. What a coincidence!

Donate to Thomas More. I can't think of a better organization to fight against than the ACLU.

- The Exile

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