Friday, November 11, 2005

What Do We Do Now?

NEW YORK - U.S. troops could begin leaving Iraq in significant numbers sometime next year, so long as Iraqi forces are properly armed and trained by then, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Chalabi told a U.S. audience on Friday.

Can you imagine if this were to actually happen? What would the Democrats run their campaigns on? They would be absolutely speechless. "Bush lied!" is their entire political platform! I'm sure that they'd continue using it, but it would lose a lot of it's punch with the uninformed if we were actually leaving Iraq.

The Democrats are all so pathetic. They've got nothing! Why? Because, unlike in years past, all of them have become far Left-wingers. And the people of the far Left cannot think logically. Hard to come up with ideas when you can't think.

I always knew that Lefties "thought with their feelings", but I assumed that there was at least some logic there. After all, you couldn't get through life without having at least a little bit of logic, could you? Apparently, you can.

There is absolutely no logic among these people. They are incapable of seeing cause and effect. They can't see beyond their next step.

If you give people money...they're not going to work

If you tell the terrorists when we're going to pull out of Iraq...they're going to sit back and wait for us to leave.

If you raise taxes...people will have less money to spread around and put into the economy.

Things that are ridiculously obvious to you and I, are utterly beyond their comprehension. That's why we have such a hard time understanding them: their thought process is utterly beyond our comprehension. Most of us quit thinking like they do when we were about 10-years-old, if not earlier.

You'd think that they'd do everything in their power to keep the war in Iraq going. Without it, they have nothing.

But that's too complicated for them to understand.

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