Friday, November 25, 2005

I Got Mine, Piss On You

Back in the late 1960's you couldn't get out of bed without hearing a song about "freedom". There were dozens of them, and they were played constantly. That's because the youth on the Left back then were obsessed with freedom. They were free to do anything that they wanted to, including treason, but somehow they thought that they were being oppressed.

The whole freedom phenomenon went away, not coincidentally, at about the time that the military draft was ended. It went away for 25 years, but magically showed up again on the day that President Bush was elected.

On that day, the Left once again started whining about freedom: "Bush will take all of our freedoms away!" "Bush is trampling on our freedoms!" And my favorite, "Bush is trying to stifle my freedom of speech!", which is usually pronounced on nationwide talk radio shows where, literally, millions of people may be hearing it. At least if they're on a Conservative show. If they're on Air Unamerican, then maybe a couple-of-dozen people may hear them.

The Bush administration has had six years to shut down freedom of speech. and he hasn't succeeded. If he's to be accused of being 'incompetent', maybe it should be on this.

Let's look at the concept of freedom as viewed by the Left and the Right.

The Left is worried about freedom only in the sense that they, personally, may lose their freedoms. Like the selfish little children that they are, they got theirs and they couldn't care less if anyone else gets any.

The Left likes to demean Americans for having been lucky enough to be born into this rich country and, supposedly, not earning those riches. Well, they were lucky enough to have been born into a country where freedom is a birthright. They certainly didn't do anything to earn it. In fact, they've done less than the vast majority of people in this country have to earn their freedom. Many times they've also actively tried to take them away.

They certainly can't grasp the fact that spreading freedom throughout the world not only helps this country, but also all of the people that we help to live in freedom. That's too complicated for them and doesn't fit into their "more me now!" mindset. It's definitely not worth dying for!

Again, they got theirs, why should they fight to help other people enjoy those freedoms?

The Right, on the other hand, sees the bigger picture, as we always do.

Yes, freedom is an individual thing, but it's so much bigger than that. The whole concept of freedom for an entire nation of people is what gave this country the confidence and the drive to become the richest, most powerful and most benevolent country the world has ever known.

We on the Right also realize that spreading freedom not only helps us, but helps the people we free. Free countries do not make war on each other. Free countries trade with each other, which benefits both.

We also realize the amazing sacrifice that millions of people have made to keep this country free. While the Left smirks at anyone who uses the phrase, "Freedom isn't free", the Right knows that it's a simple truism. It's apparently still not simple enough for the Left to understand.

I have never, not once, heard one Lefty give a direct response, when confronted with the fact that the miltary that they hate so much, is what gives them the right to hate that military. I've seen hundreds of them confronted with that fact, and they always change the subject; even faster than they usually do when confronted with uncomfortable truths.

They don't have an answer because there is no answer! Most normal people would stop and think about why they can't come up with an answer, but these aren't normal people. I'm sure that they just think that they missed that part when their leaders were telling them what to say.

Freedom of the people was an amazing concept 229 years ago. We of the Right still think that it's amazing, and we're willing to fight to keep it and give the gift of freedom to others around the world.

The Left takes it for granted because they have their freedom. To hell with everyone esle.

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