Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm a Loser Baby...

It looks like, once again, the French are going to surrender to invaders on their own soil. No fighting back, let alone the massive show of force that would stop the rioters in their tracks.

But it’s not surprising that they just surrender to these Muslim dirtbags; they’ve been doing it for longer than most people know:

In 841, just one year after the breakup of the Empire, the Vikings sacked Rouen and destroyed the Abbey of Jumieges. In 845, the Danish king Ragnar sailed up the river with 120 ships, passing through Rouen and heading for Paris. (French ruler)Charles the Bald decided to challenge the enemy...

On Easter Sunday, Ragnar attacked the French capital and laid it to ruins. Charles the Bald, unable to resist, paid Ragnar 7,000 pounds of silver for him to leave with his loot. Thus was born the tradition of the Danegeld, the ransom the Vikings exacted from their enemies in exchange for a period of peace.

And thus they gave the Viking marauders every incentive to keep plundering Europe, eventually making their way all the way to Russia.

The arrogance of the French is almost incomprehensible when you consider how long they’ve been losers.

Almost, but not quite, incomprehensible, because as I’ve said before, the arrogance of the Left is a mask for their insecurity, whether that be the Left in America or the Left in France. It’s no wonder that the Left in this country builds France up to be some sort of Utopia: they are the same misfits and losers.

The Left in America constantly tell us that if we had cradle-to-grave Socialism like they do in France, all of the problems of poverty, crime, racism, unemployment and anything else caused by “social injustice” would disappear forever.

Well, let’s look at France and her current problems, shall we? They have ghettoes where crime, racism, poverty and unemployment run rampant which, combined with the other perennial loser ideology of this earth, hardcore Islam, has exploded into these riots.

Aren’t we told by the Left that universal healthcare, a huge welfare state, massive government regulation, “worker’s rights” and all of the other mommy-state programs would solve these problems?

France has all of these programs, but they seem to have the same problems that we do. Odd, isn’t it?

Why is it that the Left is completely blind to the fact that their ideas never work? The Soviet Union, Cuba, France, China, wherever their policies are implemented, they fail. Always. No exceptions. Not one. Ever.

But in their arrogance, they blindly cling to the belief that “true” Marxism has never been tried, and if only they were the ones implementing it, it wouldn’t fail.

The perfect irony of that belief is that it’s those very people who have screwed it up every time! The power-addicted, Leftist control-freaks are the ones who bring down Socialist countries every time because of one simple fact: they never factor their own human nature into the equation.

Sure, Marxism sounds great if you know nothing about human nature. Who wouldn’t like everyone to be equal? But the fact of human nature is that some people crave power and control over people more than other people do. Again, ironically, it’s those on the Left who fit the description of wanting power and control more than anything.

France is no different, and they are well on their way to becoming just another third-world nation ruined by the Left.

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