Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Democrat Traitors

Back in 2000, when Al Gore was throwing his childish temper tantrum over losing the election, one of his lawyers was asked how many times they were going to recount the votes. His answer? "Until we win!"

That pretty much sums up the Democrat Party of today. His answer wasn't, "Until we're sure that the vote is correct", which is what any fair-mided person would say. It was an almost Freudian slip that revealed their win-at-all-costs mentality. Right or wrong never entered into the equation. They just wanted to win any way they could. My daughter used to have that same mentality before I taught her why that was wrong. These people were in their 40's, 50's and 60's and they hadn't learned that yet.

And now there is another drive on to investigate whether President Bush "manipulated" pre-war intelligence. There have already been two Congressional investigations, not to mention armies of Lefties looking into it for the past two-and-a-half years, but they want to keep investigating "until they win".

The Democrat Party has become filled with absolute, amoral, childish, shameless, lying hypocrites. They are absolute scumbags. Their addiction to power has turned them into unprincipled cretins who would assasinate their own grandmothers' characters if it would help them to regain Congress or the White House.

Rhetoric, you say? Remember: Al Gore was using his sister's death from lung cancer to try to blackmail money from "big tobacco". Meanwhile, he was talking to tobacco farmers about how he, personally, used to harvest tobacco when he was trying to raise campaign money from them.

These people have no principles. None. To put it another way, they have no "moral values". Like any addict who can't see past their addiction, these people will never be able to figure out what the voters meant after the last election when they said that the Democrats were weak on "moral values".

The Democrats, lacking any traces of logic as usual, deemed this to mean "religious values" and immediately went about trying to show how "religious" they were. Of course, nobody bought it for a second because, at the same time, they were doing everything in their power to cut religion down.

The phoniness and hypocrisy of this is exactly what the "moral values" voters were talking about. But, being completely unable to link actions to effects, the Democrats couldn't see it.

"Bush lied!", they say. That is a lie.

In the past week, starting with Norman Podhoretz' column throwing the Democrat's lies back in their face, and President Bush throwing John LeKerry's lies back in his face, the Republicans and the Right have finally gone on the offensive.

President Bush did it again today, quoting Democrats on their stances before the war, but not naming them by name. Anyone with half a brain could find out who these people were, however.

Saddam Hussein, in effect, has thumbed his nose at the world community. And I think that the president's approaching this in the right fashion."
— Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., then the Democratic whip.

We've all been individually pointing these hypocrisies out for years now. We're finally on the same page and, between blogs, talk radio, FOX news and the rest of the New Media, the message is getting out.

"Bush lied!" is a lie.

And what do the Democrats say to all of this? Their response is, "we didn't have the same intelligence that the President did!" That is a lie.

All of the responses to Mr. Podhoretz' article have been, basically, the same: "Yeah, but there were plenty of other people who didn't believe that Sadaam had WMD's!" Unlike Mr. Podohretz, they never seem to come up with any actual quotes to bolster their argument. In other words, they're lying.

Mr. Valerie Plame (aka, Joe Wilson) has lied on numerous occasions, and should be investigated immediately.

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Teddy Kennedy, John LeKerry, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Howard Dean, Terry McCauliffe. Dick Durbin, Charlie Rangell...the list is endless. They have all lied.

Most of these people have been entrusted by the voters with our National Security, and they're playing games with it for nothing more than short-term political gains. Even the ones who aren't in elected office are responsible, to some extent, for shaping the way people think, and they are extremely irresponsible to be lying for no other reason than to regain power.

The war against the Islamofascists who are trying to kill us, to them, is secondary to holding the reigns of government. After all, the government is theirs! They love it and the power that it brings them. Republicans just want to cripple their "precious" by cutting it back.

The Democrats are despicable liars. The chutzpah that it takes to base your entire political platform on accusing President Bush of lying, which is itself a lie, is unspeakable.

I have a vocabulary that is larger than most, and even I can't put into words how disgustingly low these people are. The Democrats of today are the worst possible people that we could have in the government at this point in our country's history. Power is at the top of their list. The good of the country is lucky to come in fourth or fifth.

Their putting their own well-being ahead of the good of the country is not only disgusting, it has crossed the border into treason.

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  1. How about a Dan Ratherism? "Lower than a snake's navel" ..
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