Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It's Perfect! But...

If the Left truly does "love this country", as they incessantly tell us in their Tourette's Syndrome-like way, why is it that they want to change, quite literally, everything about it?

That's like saying, "I love my wife, but she needs to lose 20 pounds, have plastic surgery, get breast implants, color her hair and get it styled differently. I don't like the color of her eyes, either. And her wardrobe needs to be completely changed. The way she talks needs fixing, and her laugh drives me nuts. While we're at it, her entire personality is wrong, and needs to be changed completely."

What the Left means when they say that they love this country is, "I love what we could turn this country into if only the stupid American people would just shut up and let us turn it into the Socialist utopia that we envision."

The only thing that they presently love about this country is that it gives them the right to attack it without being thrown into a gulag. A real gulag, as opposed to the Dick Durbin type, which is like being locked into the Hyatt Hotel. Yes, it would be nice to leave, but the room service is excellent.

Other than that, I challenge any Lefty to tell me one basic thing about this country that their side hasn't critcized. One thing. I'd even be interested to hear from my friends on the Right: can you come up with anything? I can't.


  1. Reciprocity achieved. Linked status confirmed.

    Or, in English, you're linked bro.

  2. re: Hillary -- Here's a true story about my lunch with Hillary:

    DATELINE Bainbridge, New York, May, 2005. Place: Bob's Diner, one of my favorite lunch spots in Central New York. Time: 11:30 AM. We had just entered the diner and were seated about five minutes, had ordered Bob's 1/2 pound burger, when a limo and four SUV's sporting Maryland plates and blacked out windows roll up outside, and Hillary and about 5 of her personal shill aides get out and come into the diner.

    Now I'm retired Navy, and wearing my leather flight jacket with unit and command patches, as well as my USS KITTY HAWK ballcap, with Vietnam Service Ribbon onboard.

    My wife says to me " don't start up with her. The Secret Service will arrest you...."

    As luck and seating would have it,
    she sat down at the 6 seat table directly next to us. I could have tossed a French Fry into that gaping maw. Up close, without the stage lighting makeup, the crone is uglier than anticipated, and those piano legs don't help the situation. I did my best to ignore her, but she did glance my way frequently as I scowled at her.

    An aide with a camera approached me and asked if I'd like my pic taken with her. My reply: "When Hell Freezes over" which she overheard.

    Although the diner was full (about 70 persons) only the owner, a couple of waitresses and 3 other "invitees" had their pictures taken with her.

    She is almost universally despised in Central NY. It's only the mob bossed union center cities that put that idiot in office.

    She's not a chance for the Prez spot. The fire and police and Jewish communities of NYC hate her, and she was booed out of Yankee Stadium and hasn't been back.

    As my wife described her: "A brazen beeyotch".

    Good luck on a great blog.
    Linking you now.


  3. Great points. You are right. I can't think of anything that the left doesn't complain about. I love this country and its' freedoms. So I say if libs don't like it they can move to France or Canada where they can have their socialist utopia and pay 80% of their income in taxes :-).

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Exile, they haven't criticized the courts.
    Of course, that's because, for the most part, they control 'em.
    [Excuse me while I have a Cartman moment.]

  5. The left hasn't criticized freedom of speech, oh, wait, they criticize free religious speech. Never mind.

  6. Good point, Bob.


    But other than that.....

  7. Little Miss Chatterbox....only if you agree to take us conservatives out of this so-called socialists paradise...please!!!!
    And oh...the only thing I can think that the moonbats haven't critized is themselves.

  8. And, yeah, DL, it's kind of odd that liberals don't want freedom of speech practised on government grounds, when its that very government that gives them the right to practice that right.

    That's just way too complicated for liberals to understand.

  9. Justthinkin and I are on the same page. Shows that great minds think alike. I was going to say the only thing they haven't critisized is themselves, oh, and gays. They haven't critisized the gay movement in this country. Getting out of this country neither have they criticised Terrorists; or France; or Germany.

    This is the first time I've been to your blog. Forgot where I was when I saw your comment. Anyway, I will link you to both of mine if you tell me it's okay.

  10. I remember you blogging about your lunch with Hillary, Phantom. Hill-arious!

  11. Liberals like Hollywood.

    Except that the movie industry is dominated by the need to make money (ooh, ick) and they occasionally have to put out ‘actiony’ tripe for the hicks in flyover country, rather than the cynical, nihilistic, Swedish-type films that characterize their empty souls.

  12. Exactly, Adolfo, and it must really stick it their craw!