Saturday, November 26, 2005

Wal-Mart Hatred

About 9 months ago, the parent company of the company that I work for was bought out by the grocery retailing giant, SuperValu. Because we manufacture refrigeration equipment, and SV isn't into manufacturing, SuperValu really didn't want our company, but we came along for the ride because we had no choice.

Well, as it turned out, our biggest customer, Wal-Mart, is a competitor of SuperValu, and they wouldn't do business with us anymore. We had to lay off about 40 of our employees, which was half of our workforce.

Now, if I was your typical Wal-Mart hating Lefty, I'd blame it on Wal-Mart. I don't blame them. The essence of Capitalism is competition. No sense in putting money in the pocket of your competitors.

The real point is, because we lost Wal-Mart, there were 40 people who were unemployed. And these were realtively high paying positions.

When the Left thinks of Wal-Mart, it sees nothing but people in blue smocks who are working (willingly) for low wages in the stores. Anything beyond that is too complicated for them.

The Left, being unable to see the next step, doesn't see the people who are building these stores, furnishing them, putting in the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration and everything else that it takes to make these stores run. They just hate Wal-Mart.

As I've said before, I don't think that it's a coincidence that they hate Wal-Mart, which was founded by Sam Walton, a very religious man, but they seem to have no problem with Target, which was founded by Minnesota Democrat, Senator Mark Dayton's family.

I managed to keep my job, because there aren't very many people out there who can fix, literally, anything and/or coordinate the people who can do what I can't. I'm the guy who keeps the shop running. Luckily the management in my company was smart enough to realize that. Arrogant? Maybe. But I've never met a good Maintenance guy who wasn't somewhat arrogant. If you don't believe that you can do anything, then you can't. And when you are required to know how to fix a machine that you've never seen before, you'd better believe it.

The rest of the people in the shop are also relatively skilled. The welders, the electricians, the plumbers...these are pretty well-paid jobs. And when Wal-Mart went away, so did many of the jobs.

SuperValu is in the process of selling us off, because they realize the damage that they've caused to our company, and they are truly sorry about it. Which is something else the Left would never believe. Corporations, in their minds, intentionally hurt people, or just don't care.

The sale should be done any day now, and then we can get back on track with our original plans, which include doubling the size of the shop to about 180,000 square feet (which is going to make my job incredibly interesting) and hiring about 100 more people. And that's just the start.

All thanks to Wal-Mart.


  1. Shhhhh, if the left ever finds out about this they might have a truth overload and explode.

  2. About ten of the 44 families of our NYARNG company deployed (and returned safely) from Iraq work for Wal-Mart. As our son was in the Battalion for 5 years, we got to know the families intimately during the deployment.

    No one had any problem with Wal-Mart, and in fact most loved their jobs. In NY they are not minimum wage and start at $8/hour even part time. They hire handicapped and old farts like me. They treat their employees well. Thus there is no call for a union at Wal-Mart and that's what the socialistas can't stand.

    Wal-Mart was extremely generous to our Family Readiness Group of the NYARNG, donating cash, and product for our return home parade, dinner, and party.

    I'll go to Wal-Mart just because it whizzes off the Greenies and the Dems.

    Re: Shop size increasing. Way to go! If you need a great construction company (they travel everywhere) and do all kinds of construction (doing now a clean room and then headquarters (100K sq. feet) for Intel (plus hundreds of other sites all over the world)

    This forward looking company actually paid the full salary and benefits of all soldiers working there while they were deployed, in addition to their regular military pay.

    My son is a Project Engineer for them in Arizona, but they have 200 offices in the US.

    This company does 6 billion in bizness every year, built Yankee Stadium, The UN, etc.

    Just a suggestion, but they are the best. I'm sure theres an Office in the MinneApple region.

    Sorry to ramble on, but when a major company takes care of the troops this way, I just have to let the world know.

    PS: It's run by Conservatives.

    All the best, trained HVAC guys are hard to find.


  3. Funny thing about Wal-mart.Yes when they move into an area,it usually means the demise of other companies.but I've found those companies are living off of government ewlfare anyways and therefore is no big lose.Up here in Canuckistan,the first people they hire,at far better wages and benefits,are the people who have lost their jobs. As PD said,no reason for unions.The Wal-mart employee's at one store in Queerbec,which is just North America's mis-placed socialist frogs anyways,actually got a union into the store.Two days later,Wal-mart shut the store down and moved out. Heh.I love justice doled out by the free market. No wonder the commie unions are running scared.

  4. I lived through mergers and take-overs, downsizing etc. It was difficult but, unlike liberals, I don't expect life to be a bowl of cherries. As long as you are hardworking (and a giving and caring person) you will have a job.

    Wal-Mart is the second biggest employer in the town nearest to my farm (after the Coast Guard) and the best place in town to shop.

    Good luck, Exile.

  5. I read a review of a new anti-Walmart film that came out recently.

    The film apparently uses countless "sob stories" about Walmart employees who can't make ends meet working for the retail giant. Of course, one of the people mentioned is a single mother who can't keep a roof over the head of herself and her two children.

    When, oh when, will some enterprising documentary maker do an expose on the stupid decisions people make guaranteeing that they won't succeed in life? I'm so tired of irresponsible behavior being held up as a badge of honor. If this person wants to double her wage, she has two choices: get a second job, or track down dad(s) and make him(them) pony up child support.

    Walmart pays its employees what it can afford and still keep prices low. If Walmart cashiers suddenly made $20 per hour, their prices would rise and people would be fired, forced to take lower-paying positions elsewhere. Net gain = zero.

    Even a dunce like me can figure out something so elemental about economics. Why the left can't get it through their heads is beyond me.

  6. "don't expect life to be a bowl of cherries."

    And nobody should.

    DOn't you just love the "lefties" (liberal means conservative in Australia)when they say: "The Government should create more jobs!"
    In their minds business should only exist for th sole purpose to make the workers earn salaries.

  7. exile, I don't think you're arrogant. Arrogance is thinking you can do it all better than anyone.
    Confidence is knowing you can do the job.

  8. Admin Worm said: "The film apparently uses countless "sob stories" about Walmart employees who can't make ends meet working for the retail giant. Of course, one of the people mentioned is a single mother who can't keep a roof over the head of herself and her two children."

    Of course! It couldn't possibly be her poor choices that have anything to do with the position she finds herself in - 'course not! It's all Wal-Mart's fault. If she doesn't like it she needs to find another job. She's probably not skilled enough to do that and should be grateful that Wal-Mart hired her ungrateful butt in the first place.

    These people wail and moan about how hard it is to make ends meet, but somehow most of them drive newer cars than I do! How is that possible?

  9. One more thing: I know of liberals who shop at Wal-Mart because they like the prices. They bitch about Wal-Mart but continue to shop their... Hypocrites all!

  10. PD, I'll keep them in mind when we get back to that point, which should be pretty quick.

    Wal-Mart is actually holding off taking bids on the equipment until we're sold because they like our stuff so much and want us to be able to bid on it. It must be driving our competitors nuts!

    And since we lost Wal-Mart we've had to bring in a bunch of new business; so when we do get Wal-Mart back, we'll be up and running in no time. And we were absolutely exploding before this ordeal. Our sales had increased some ridiculous amount like 7600% in one year. The Boss is predicting $100 million in sales within 5 years (and he's no bullshitter), which ain't bad for a company that was losing money 2 years ago when they brought me aboard.

    I do HVAC PD, but I'm not an HVAC guy. I also do plumbing, electrical, landscaping/irrigation, carpentry and cabinetmaking, and that's just the easy stuff that anyone can do.

    My skills are more in fixing machinery of any kind so that they don't have to call in contractors at $80/hour.

    Saws, welders, air compressors, bridge cranes, hoists, grinders, lathes, automated wire strippers, mills, drill presses, hand tools, electric motors, specialty equipment that you've never heard of...I can fix them all and more.

    Hydraulics, pneumatics, 3-phase and single phase electrical, mechanical, electronics, PLC's...I have to know all that and more. And if I don't, I have to learn it...NOW.

    It's the best of all worlds. I work with my hands, but my brain gets just as much of a workout. And it's, literally, something different every day.

    And the best part is, nobody really knows what I'm supposed to be doing at any given moment, so I have complete freedom to do what I want whenever I want. If I don't feel like busting my butt, I can sit in my office and research equipment on the web, order tools, coordinate contractors by phone, work on the CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) program that I wrote in Visual Basic, or any number of other things. If it's a nice day, I find a reason to work outside.

    Is it any wonder that I love my job?

  11. You are an "any event" maintenance person! Fantastic. Until the TV station I worked for got a helicopter and news van, I did pretty much the same thing in electronic maint. of the broadcast gear, transmitter, microwave, radar, but stayed away from AC due to union restrictions. When the chopper came to be, I did all the elect. install and maint in it and was the only engineer to fly in it as all others declined, due to an altitude clause in the union contract, put it so we wouldn't be changing lightbulbs on the 1,000 foot tower. That got me out of the studio and back in the air again.
    And I didn't have to mow the lawn.

    And that's why you are valuable to the company. Knowlege and hands-on- make-it-work-now are vital to any mfg company.

    Man that's growing FAST! Great news for you. You'll be bossing a staff in short order then.

    The closest Turner to you (they do travel) is Chicago, where they are building Northwestern University - Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center and One South Dearborn Ave,


    Give me a tip when the plant goes public. LOL

  12. You are right - competition is the essense of capitalism. Why don't people get that? ('Course, I love Wal-Mart because they won't unionize, too!)
    Yep, I'm sure Liberals wouldn't exactly be willing to give up the low prices because of their hatred of the "evil corporation"!

  13. Ah, liberal shoppers at Wal-Mart.
    They're a furtive bunch, wearing hooded sweatshirts, sneakily glancing about to avoid people who known they're liberal.

    It's like two Southern Baptists meeting in a liquor store and pretending not to know each other.

    Yes, they DO shop at Wally World.
    And they're too disengenous to admit it.

    Its too bad the sandalwood candle shop run by that nice hippie on Main Street went bust because of Wal-Mart, but who owes that guy a living in a capitalistic society anyway?

    In Oneonta New York, a bastion of liberality, the most liberal cafe on Main Street's owner who I've known for years, shops secretively at Wal-Mart. He was once a vegan restaurant only, but no one wanted his food, so he had to add Gasp! red meat.

    Talk about one's personal values, eh?

    I love to walk in there with NYARNG soldiers on drill. I've been known to buy a few beers for a few guys wearing berets after drill in there.

    You can hear a pin drop from the pinheads as we trash libs in general and Pointy headed professors specifically.

    But they're glad to get the business.

    There's something about the world's oldest profession in that establishment.

    I think the oldest profession had more self respect.