Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Lest We Forget!

Some of you, at least those who aren't blind, may have noticed the change to my header.

Hillary Clinton is trying to become a "centrist" before the 2008 Presidential election. Her "move to the center" is nothing more than the usual phony appeal from a dedicated Leftist for no other reason than to gather votes. In other words, she's lying. She's using the same tactic that her husband did to gain political power: he lied.

To the Left, lying to gain political power is quite alright. Witness the current lies put forth by the left that "Bush lied!".

Not that the "Bush lied" lie has any basis in fact but, to play the Devil's advocate, which would be worse: to lie about the reason for going to war to rid the world of a torturing, murdering dictator, or to lie for no other reason than to regain power?

Even if President Bush had lied about the reason for attacking Iraq, which he didn't, getting rid of one of the worst murderous dictators in history was well justified.

The Left is lying when they say "Bush Lied!", and they're doing it for no other reason than to regain power.

So, who's lie would be worse?

But the fact is, President Bush didn't lie, anymore than did John LeKerry or anyone else who voted for the Iraq war. They were all going off of the same intelligence reports.

Another fact is, the Democrats who are now attacking President Bush are lying. And they know it. But that doesn't matter. To a Lefty, the end always justifies the means. Just ask Karl Marx.

It's no coincidence that Hillary's remarks mirror those of the former Soviet Premier. As much as the Left may deny it (e.g. they're lying) they have the same goals for our country.

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