Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Family Life of a Troll

You may have noticed that Blogger comments have been enabled since this morning. I'm trying to get some of my old trolls' comments back from before I switched to Haloscan's commenting system, so that I can populate my Trophy Room.

Unfortunately, for reasons that I haven't figured out yet, the comments of the Ultimate Troll, whom some of you may remember as Judy Edmondson, are not appearing on either Blogger or Haloscan's comments. Just my luck.

You may remember this woman because she was an absolute lunatic who apparently sat at her computer and ranted incoherently all day long whie I was at work, and wondered why I wasn't responding to her.

And, thanks to Stuffle, I noticed another thing: my latest troll is a guy named Drew...Edmondson. Yep, same last name as Sweet Judy Blue Eyes, the loon. There's apparently a nest of them out there in Colorado.

And Drew isn't just your run-of-the-mill troll. He's an actual war-protestor who gets arrested at military bases.

I'm assuming that Drew is Judy's husband because she made a point of pointing out (about a thousand times) that she was the wife of a disabled vet. Drew also points out that he's a disabled vet. This is apparently their attempt at taking the moral high ground.

Hopefully I'll figure out a way to find her comments so that I can hang her head on the wall next to her husband's. She was the most amazing creature, and she should have her spot next to her hubbie.


  1. Don't forget, Drew has a MASTERS DEGREE!@!!!

  2. Yes, Echo, I remember. How could I forget?

    Between you and Drew I am constantly reminded of his brilliance and of what a dullard I am. I'm sure that it surprises him every day that I remember how to turn my computer on. After all, Rush Limbaugh didn't tell me how to push the "on" button.

    In the future you may want to stick with the Haloscan comments. Once I get my old trolls from Blogger, I'm going to get rid of Blogger's comments again.

    Hug Texas for me. And your own self.

  3. Oh so THAT'S the drew!!!
    I have him on autodelete.
    The man needs about 5,000 MG of thorazine delivered intravenously
    and a rubber room. I put up with no truck from the likes of that cretin.

    He's totally out of his everlovin' gourd.