Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Debating Tip

Never use metaphors when debating a liberal. Their minds are too simple and they just use them to slip out of answering the question.

Michael Medved had an anti-war guest on his radio show today Here's a small excerpt:

Caller: "Nobody held a gun to these people's heads and made them join the military."

Anti-war lib: "I never said that anyone held a gun to their heads."

What an amazingly stupid, childish way to "debate". They take the most common of metaphors and act like they've never heard it before to try to make it look like their opponent is just trying to put words in their mouth.

Whenever I hear one of them use this tactic, and they do it often, I always wonder: do they know what a ridiculous tactic this is?

I've come to the conclusion that they don't know. They think that it's a clever move on their part. Mostly because the response of most logical people is to blink and pause when they hear something that idiotic. Of course, to them, the lack of a response to something so utterly stupid is translated in their minds as, "Gotcha!"

The only true response one can give is: "My God, you're an idiot." I think that it should be used much more...liberally.

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