Sunday, November 13, 2005

No Time Toulouse!

OK, so I'm not quite done with laundry yet, but I've been itching to use that headline since I saw that the terrorists in France attacked the city of Toulouse. I can't claim credit for it. It's actually from a Monty Python sketch that, ironically, was about suicide bombers. Scottish suicide bombers, mind you, but it's still a coincidence that bears looking into.

Captain: Sergeant major, what's this man's name?
RSM: This one sir? This one is MacDonald, sir.
Captain: No, no, no, no. (the captain stops MacDonald who is straining quite hard to get away) Hang on to MacDonald, sergeant major, hang on to him.
RSM: I don't know whether I can, sir... (MacDonald's eyes are staring in a strange way) he's in a state of Itsubishi Kyoko McSayonara.
Captain: What's that?
They am both struggling to restrain MacDonald.
RSM: It's the fifth state that a Scotsman can achieve, sir. He's got to finish himself off by lunchtime or he thinks he's let down the Emperor, sir.

So how long before the real suicide bombers appear in France? The media seems to be keeping track by how many cars are torched, but they seem to be ignoring the fact that power stations, subway stations, and schools, among other things, are now being attacked.

The French spin is that the situation is improving, but they don't acknowledge that the attacks have switched to more important targets than automobiles.

But perhaps they're right. Maybe there aren't as many incidents since they've instituted curfews and deployed a massive police response. But how long can they keep that up? The country is economically strapped, and can't sustain massive deployments of police forces for months or, quite possibly, years.

And President of Frogs, Jaques ChIraq has been missing in action. Some speculate that it's because of a stroke that he suffered a few months ago, but I think that it's much more likely that he just has no idea how to deal with the situation. Like any Leftist, he has no ideas, and certainly can't think on his feet.

Putting the terrorists down forcefully is not an option to a government built on political correctness. At least not until it actually threatens their hold on power, and then it could turn into a bloodbath. There is nobody on this earth more willing to slaughter people than a Leftist in danger of losing power. The only people that come close are Muslim extremists.

Ironic, huh?

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