Monday, November 07, 2005

History Repeats Itself

For the past few years the ever-appeasing Left has ridiculed the notion, put forth by the Right, that "we can fight the terrorists in Iraq, or we can fight them in our streets".

And now the greatest appeasers of all time, the French, are fighting Muslim terrorists in their streets, while we who (no thanks to the Left) went on the offensive have yet to be attacked again. I hate to say, "We told ya so", but...

In fact, the whole situation in France is a perfect microcosm of Leftist policies.

France has your usual European unarmed citizenry, so they are unable to defend themselves against these Muslim terrorists, and yet Chirac won't do more than send small squads of local police to deal with the situation for fear of offending...Muslims! God forbid you offend the people who are attacking you. Instead he wants to have a "dialogue" with them. You can almost hear the sneers of derision from the Muslims, just as the Vikings of 1200 years ago (see yesterday's post) must have sneered at their cowardice.

And what is the "root cause" (to use a phrase from the Left) of these problems? It comes down to nothing more than that idotic idea from the Left, "respecting diversity". By "respecting" these people's "right" to maintain their own culture, they have created ghettoes where the law of Islam trumps the laws of France.

These people are insisting that the "occupying" police forces of France stay out of "their" territory! Can you believe that? And the police have largely complied! The French, as usual, have given up and let these people do whatever they want. The Muslims have taken over large parts of the country and kicked the French out.

Unforunately, we're not far from doing the same thing in this country. Will this be a lesson for us? I doubt it. No politician has the spine to do what is necessary to force these people to assimilate, or leave.

So what happens next? Need you ask? France, as always, will capitulate to their demands which, in turn, will only cause them to demand more or the violence will escalate (which it will whether they give in or not; Israel vs. the Palestinians, anyone?), and quite possibly spread to the neighboring European appeasers.

We could very well be witnessing the beginning of another European war. And it will be caused by the same thing as the last two: appeasement of a fascist ideology.

And, once again, who do you think they're going to call to bail them out?

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