Monday, November 07, 2005


How long before the Muslims demand that their oppressors withdraw from the West Bank...of the Seine River? Hell, it worked in Israel!

OK, that was a joke. Kind of. But here's something that doesn't seem farfetched at all.

Is it possible that Al Qaeda and the rest of the usual Islamofascist suspects are trying to start an all out war in Europe so that the United States will have to save their asses again? Thereby moving the war from the mideast, where our continued involvement could reshape the entire system there? After all, if the war is in Europe instead of the mideast, we can't be starting new Democracies in the mideast, can we?

Farfetched? Not at all. It's no different than our preferring to fight the terrorists in Iraq, rather than on the streets of Minneapolis.

I'm sure that the terrorists would rather fight on the streets of Minneapolis, but they know that it's a fight that they'd lose. Even if our military didn't crush them, the 3 million or so armed Minnesotans certainly would. I myself have 5 guns and a bow, and that's not considered alot in this state. The citizens of this state alone could arm 20 million people, easily. Multiply that by 50 states and we have 100 million "citizen soldiers".

So they pick the easy target: the unarmed Europeans and their weak military. They know that, eventually, we'd have to respond, just as we did in WWI & WWII.

If I remember correctly, it was only this past spring or summer that Al Zarqawi, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, told his followers to spread the war from Iraq. I have little doubt that this is part of that plan.

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