Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mass Murder is Relative

If you were a snarky, immature little moonbat, and you wanted to compare your opponents to an extremely evil group of people, wouldn't you pick the worst, most murderous group in history? So why does the Left compare the Right to Nazis?

Why don't they compare us to the Soviets? After all, the Soviets killed 4 or 5 times more people than did the Nazis ever did.

Does anyone else find that odd? I mean, if you are willing to sacrifice what little credibility you have by comparing the Right in America to a dictatorship that killed 10 million people, why not go all out and compare them to a dictatorship that killed 50 million people?

Ah, but we all know that that is just a rhetorical question. The answer is that the Left sympathizes with the old Soviet Union. Sure, they murdered 50 million people, but their heart was in the right place in trying to build the long dreamt-of Socialist Utopia!

The Nazis just did it because they were a bunch of bullies. Therefore their smaller number of victims is magnified by the horror of bullying, which is the worst thing in the world to the children of the Left.

Besides, it's the Communists (i.e. International ANSWER) who support all of the anti-American protestors in this country. The Left wouldn't want to give the hand that feeds them a bad name by comparing them to...Republicans!

On top of that, few of the foot-soldiers of the Left even know about any Communist atrocities, and they wouldn't believe you if you told them, so why confuse them with the facts? They're not very good at thinking to begin with.

All they know is that Cuba has a great health-care system. Which is fine if you don't mind living in abject poverty created by the government, or if you survive the very real torture (as opposed to touching a book in the wrong way) inflicted by that same government. But that stuff isn't important, so why tell our proles?

They do, however, know what the Nazis did (although not what the Nazis stood for), and what they did was mean. Apparently, one day, some Lefty must have thought, "The Nazis were mean. Hey! Conservatives are mean, too! Conservatives must be Nazis! Moonbeam! Fax this over to the DNC immediately!"

As I've written before, the ironic thing is how close the Left has become to the ideology of the Nazis and, with their newfound (?) hatred of Israel, I keep expecting Howard Dean to start screaming about "Der Juden!" any day now and Michael Moore to come out with a documentary called "Hymie and Me".

So here's a challenge for you Left-wing moonbats: name one dictatorship that has or has had American Conservative principles. Faith in individuals to make what they can of their lives, limiting the role of government, freedom of religion, independence of the populace, control of the people over their government, etc.

You can't do it, because there has never been a dictatorship that adhered to those principles. There couldn't be. It wouldn't work.

However, I can name many dictatorships that held to the principles of the Left in this country.

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