Monday, February 28, 2005

Ich bin ein Lefty

The Left's favorite attack on the Right is that we're all a bunch of "Nazis". The fact that it has actually (somewhat) stuck, is testament to the utter lack of knowledge of history that the average American has. You can thank the government schools for this.

They call us Nazis not because we have any of the beliefs or practice any of the Nazi ideology, but because, in their usual childish way, they equate Nazis with being mean and Republicans with being mean. That's it. Period. They have no idea what the Nazis stood for, either. They just know that they killed a bunch of people and that was pretty mean.

(I'm sure that they'd call us Stalinists too, but there's too much evidence of them supporting "Uncle Joe", who slaughtered 50 million people)

It's very lucky for them that Americans don't really know what the Nazis stood for because, if they did, they would realize that, quite to the contrary, the Left is frighteningly close to what Naziism was all about.

Well, let's let the people know.

First, and foremost, the actual word "Nazi" Stands for National Socialist Party. If there's one thing that the Right could never, ever be accused of, it's embracing Socialism in any way, shape or form.

Socialism is a form of government wherein the State takes care of all of your needs from "cradle to grave" and all that it asks in return is that you give it almost all of your money, labor and productivity. Usually it takes the form of a Dictatorship, but in a few cases (i.e. Canada, Great Britain, France) it gives the people a small bit of input into the process so as to feel that they're living in a "Deomocracy".

Does that sound like the Right in this country? No, the Right in this country is (or should be) trying to take as much power as possible away from the Federal government and giving it back to the States and/or the People just as The Constitution envisioned. They don't want the Federal government running health care, they're at this very moment trying to wrest FDR's screwed up Social Security program from it's grip, they almost fixed the Welfare system, they put stem-cell research into the hands of the States where it belongs (no, Bush didn't ban it, he just said that the Federal government wouldn't get involved).

OK, that's the major, overlying ideology of Nazis: Socialism. And if there's anything that the Left is for, it's a massive Federal government to take care of them just like mommy did, so that they can go play. But let's get into the details of what they stood for.

Hitler, being a failed artist himself, was a huge lover of the arts. He funded massive architectural projects, films and other forms of art with government money, just as the Democrats insist we fund NPR, PBS and Robert Mapplethorpe today (I tried to find a link to Mapplethorpe that was in the least bit critical of his work using the Yahoo search engine; after 14 pages (280 hits) I gave up. Kinda shows where we're at, huh?).

Hitler loved animals. He doted on his German Sheperd (what else?) "Blondie" (what else?). 6 million Jews and another 6-8 million other people murdered, but Hitler couldn't stand to see an animal in pain. PETA anyone?

Hitler was virulently anti-smoking. No matter what the old Hollywood movies may have shown, very few of the Nazi regime smoked, because they knew that it would displease Hitler. Today the Left (and some on the Right, sadly to say) is sponsoring smoking bans from sea to shining sea.

The Nazis were all for euthanasia, especially for the retarded, elderly and handicapped people. In other words, anyone who couldn't contribute to their system. Jack Kevorkian, abortion, Terry Schiavo, anyone?

The Nazis actively encouraged single women to have children and married men to have mistresses so as to further the Aryan bloodline. Do you need to ask yourself who in America today is encouraging this same thing? Hint: it ain't the Right.

And, as everyone knows from watching the old newsreels of Nazi rallies, they motivated their followers with sheer, screaming hatred. Howard Dean, Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, Terry McAuliffe, Barbara Streisand, Al Franken, list could go on forever. These people aren't inviting debate, they're shreiking their pure hatred for the Right, who are opposing them.

Seeing Hillary Clinton in front of a bunch of people whom she knows believes as she does, is really not that much different than watching Hitler in the old newsreels. If you can find the tapes of her, watch them and compare.

Although, if she's in front of a more "moderate" audience, she doesn't go into her "extreme" mode. She's just another hypocrite. The end justifies the means.

But what she really believes comes out in the rallies where she knows that the audience is ready to march, goose-stepping towards her vision of utopia. She is a screaming fanatic when she knows that the crowd is on her side. Just as Hitler was during his rallies.

And then we have the whole "mysticism" part of the Nazis.

Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister, was enthralled by mysticism. He set the Nazis to actively searching for The Holy Grail, The Ark of the Covenant and many more ancient artifacts. He actually modeled the Nazi SS on the Teutonic Knights who, supposedly, had protected the Holy Grail for many years.

Somehow, Goebbels managed to overcome the contradiction of his fascination with the Teutonic Knights and the fact that they were very much Christian in their beliefs. They actually had large crosses on their shields, but hypocrisy never stands in the way of one seeking power.

The Nazi's hated religion in any form and tried to do away with it. Religion, other than fealty to the State, was verboten (forbidden). They saw it as being in competition with the government. I doubt that I'm the only one who sees the Left's attacks on the major religion in this country as their trying to make Government into their own religion. The Soviet Union did the same thing.

There's a reason that people who want power at all costs always shut down religion first. They know that they can't compete with faith. And so, today, you have the ACLU keeping those destructive "Christmas Mangers" and "Ten Commandments" away from the public view because they know that their own ideas can't compete with religion, whether it's right or wrong.

As with all children, they don't want to debate whether anything is right or wrong. they just want to be right.

- The Exile

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