Monday, October 03, 2005

Integral Integrity

The Left likes to sneer that "military intelligence" is an oxymoron. Well, if you want a true oxymoron, how about "journalistic integrity"?

There was very, very little of it left, especially after the last election (see Dan Rather), but with the attempted persecution of Bill Bennett, they have shed the last of it.

Newspaper after newspaper, pundit after pundit, news program after news program, talk show after talk show, they all took his remarks out of context and played them over and over, ad nauseum.

Anyone with an IQ above that of a slug (which leaves out most of the Left, I suppose) who heard or read what Bill Bennet had actually said before and after the "offensive" comment, could not possibly construe what he said as racism.

All of these so-called "journalists" knew that. They didn't care. Let me repeat that: these "guardians of truth" knew exactly what they were doing, and they didn't care!

These arrogant fools, who crow about being the epitome of righteousness, are perfectly willing to trash the truth for no other reason than to help their political cause. I would say that they should be ashamed of themselves, but I know better. The Left, of which most "journalists" are a part, has no shame. They have no morals. They have no pride. They have no honor.

All they have is a political ideology, which trumps, literally, everything in their lives. I'd almost feel sorry for these pathetic creatures if, in their suicidal self-hatred, they weren't threatening to bring us all down with them.

It doesn't take a shrink to link their own self-hatred to the hatred of their country. And make no mistake: no matter how "offended" they get when its suggested otherwise, they hate this country!

Don't believe me? Then riddle me this:

Why do they screech about the "oppression" of women in this country while trying to explain away other countries' cultures where dogs get to ride in the back seats of cars, while women are assigned to the trunk?

Why do they continually whine about the "persecution" of gays in this country, while never saying a word about other countries that execute gays for being gay?

Why have they always railed against America for "destroying" the environment, while ignoring Communist regimes that have dumped radioactive and/or toxic waste directly into rivers and oceans?

Why do they scream about "the poor" in this country, while ignoring the fact that our "poor" would be considered wealthy in many nations, and middle class in their beloved Europe.

Why do they decry racism in this country, while siding with a people who have vowed to eliminate an entire race of people (see Arabs vs. Israel)?

Why? Because they couldn't care less about whatever supposed "cause" that their whining about. They don't care about what's happening in other countries. Deep down, they hate themselves. They are miserable. They hate their country because it is part of themselves.

Just as American society is supposedly responsible for crime and poverty, they also see it as being responsible for their own misery.

Thus, their hatred of America.

To them, society is seen as the kids in elementary school who made their lives miserable. They can't get beyond that! Everyone else is all grown up now but, just as they're stuck in the 60's policy-wise, they're stuck in elementary school, emotionally.

Perhaps that's why they insist on calling themselves "progressive": because they realize that they've never progressed beyond childhood, but they don't want anyone else to know that. So, like a child pretending to be what he's not, they will call themselves what they want others to think they are.

And their brothers who call themselves "journalists" are no different. They hate this country because its society represents the people who teased and bullied them when they were children, and they'll do anything to get back at that society.

It's no wonder that they hate right-wing bloggers: very, very few of us will put anything on the net that we're not sure of, nor will we intentionally twist people's words in order to attack them.

That's called real integrity, and they hate that.

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