Friday, October 28, 2005


Not long ago (October 7th, to be exact) a certain right-wing blogger made the following brilliant comment regarding the Harriet Miers nomination:

I'm already sick to death of this whole Harriet Miers debate going on between Republicans.

Here's the scoop: she's the nominee. She'll continue to be the nominee until she's confirmed to the Supreme Court. And she will be confirmed. End of scoop.


While I'm certainly not disappointed that we will now probably get a documented Conservative this time, I am surprised. I knew that President Bush wouldn't withdraw her nomination, but I didn't think that she'd quit.

The MSM was awash in the expected crowing of "Republican disunity" after the announcement. You know, I could swear that I've heard about a billion Lefties comment snarkily (as if they ever comment any other way) about how Republicans are "always marching in lockstep".

Well, Lefties, make up your mind: are we or aren't we?

And, speaking of "marching in lockstep", tell me when the last time you've seen anything like this happen on the Left. I'll give you a hint: other than Presidential primaries, never! It simply doesn't happen.

I didn't approve of the Miers nomination, but I figured that she was safe enough to get through the Senate, so we may as well quit fighting amongst ourselves. Boy is my face red. Lesson learned.

We on the Right can change the policies of our leaders.

People on the Left are told what they think, so there is never any dissent among them.

Name for me one policy or nomination put forth by a Democrat leader that has ever been overturned by, or even, for that matter, loudly debated amongst, the Left.

Now that I think of it, though, the only policies ever put forth by Democrats are tax hikes, so I guess that it's not surprising that there isn't much to debate amongst themselves. Oh, and Government-controlled health care, but that was a one-time thing that happened more than ten years ago and there was certainly no debate about it on the Left.

I'm glad that all of you out there pressured Ms. Miers into withdrawing. This such a huge opportunity to stop the Left's rewriting of the Constitution through the courts, that gambling on an unknown is definitely the wrong thing to do.

Hopefully I've learned my lesson, too.

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