Thursday, October 06, 2005

Without Further Ado, More Random Musings

- So the U.N. wants control over the internet. I say we give it to them, but only upon one condition: absolute freedom of speech will be strictly enforced on it in every country where it’s used.

Any country that wants to restrict free speech will not be given access to the internet and all of the monetary gains it provides.

No country would agree to that, so they’d have to allow their citizens the right to criticize the government, which would, eventually end the despotisms of the world.

Oh, and and we'd want about $1 trillion for inventing and developing it to it's present state.

- If I hear one more advertisement that says, “Get the (insert product here) that you deserve”, I’m going to puke. How do they know whether I deserve something? I may be an asshole.

It just seems to fit into the whole “entitlement” mentality so well. “I deserve this. I’m entitled to it”.

- "Bush and Hitler sitting in a tree, k-i-l-l-i-n-g" (From the D.C. protests in Sept.) Anyone remember what I said about the Left’s protest chants sounding like nursery rhymes?

- If the Left got their way and took over the country, would they have a Constitution? If so, why? It would be pointless to have rules (e.g. a Constitution) that you could change on a whim just because things aren’t going your way.

Oddly, this is how my six-year-old daughter plays games, too. At least until I explain to her why it wouldn’t be right to change the rules just because you're losing. The difference is, she’s smart enough to understand that.

- Certain Supreme Court justices look to law in other countries to make policy in this country.

Unless I’m mistaken, we fought the Revolutionary War to get away from that exact thing!

- I don’t have the power to oppress anybody.

- The Left has degenerated into The Lord of the Flies. Once somewhat civilized, they have degenerated into vicious children.

- Before you start shrieking “Homophobe!” (and we’ll get to that word) I know that this doesn’t by any means include all gay men, but why do so many of them lisp?

Even if it’s true that they were born gay, were they born with a lisp? I really doubt it. So why do they do it? It has to be an affectation, but what purpose does it serve?

- The word ‘Homophobe’ implies a “fear” of homosexuals. Well, I’m sorry, but I’ve never met a gay person who frightened me in the least.

Unless they mean the fear that homosexual activists are damaging our society. That one I could buy.

The word homophobe, taken literally, means “fear of man”. Wouldn’t that be a more apt term for feminists?

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