Sunday, October 23, 2005

Go Figure

From a World Net Daily story regarding Air America's continuing troubles:

Radio analyst Brian Maloney told O'Reilly, who also hosts a radio talk show, the company clearly had a bad business model, and he's not sure it can survive.

"As things stand now, they may be down to their last couple of months," Maloney said, "but that could change at any moment if [George] Soros or one of the other big guns comes in, steps to the plate and puts up some cash. But otherwise, I think things are looking bleak. They're overpaying the air talent, they're fending off lawsuits, they're overspending. They just put a brand new studio facility in. They didn't need that. That was at Franken's insistence and now he's not even going to use it. He's moving to Minnesota. So they're wasting money, they're not bringing it in. It's a mess."

In other words, they're acting exactly like liberals always act. Their little radio game will crumble because not even anti-American fanatics like Soros will pay their bills forever.

The sad thing is, the situation is a microcosm of what they're doing to America, but we pay the bills for their mismanagement and have no say in the matter. Soros can quit giving them money. We can't.

And if Al Franken is really moving back here to Minnesota, it means that he's getting ready to run for Senator Mark (Run away!) Dayton's seat, which means that Air Unamerican is getting ready to shut the doors and turn out the lights.

I predict that one day very soon, Franken will announce his candidacy for the Senate and his intention to quit his radio show to "devote his time to the campaign". He needs to quit before it all falls apart so that everyone won't refer to him as "failed radio talk-show host, Al Franken" during his whole campaign. Within two weeks of that announcement, Air Unamerican will announce that it's throwing in the towel. Probably because of the "negative media generated by the vast right-wing conspiracy".

It'll be nice to be able to laugh at AU's demise, but the down side is, we here in Minnesota will have to listen to Al Franken campaign here for the next year. Can you imagine that? I may have to truly become an exile, because that will be absolutely unbearable.

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