Thursday, October 20, 2005

We Don't Talk About That

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Charlie Rangell and all of the other race-pimps on the Left have managed to do something intelligent. What they've done is incredibly immoral and despicable, but it's intlelligent if you only factor in their retention of their power.

When it comes to race in this country, there can never be an actual discussion of the problems because half of the country is forbidden from even mentioning race. And without a real discussion, there can be no solution, which suits them just fine.

Witness the hypothetical situation that Bill Bennet proposed about aborting black children to reduce crime. Anyone who didn't have an agenda would have seen it for what it was: a hypothetical response to explain why social policy couldn't be ruled by economics alone.

But, of course, the race-pimps took it out of context and tried to destroy Mr. Bennett. It would have worked on a lesser man (i.e. Trent Lott), but Bennett stood up to them, and the whole manufactured "controversy" went away. Let that be a lesson to all of the people on the Right who try to mollify the Left for some supposed violation of the politically correct speech-code.

That whole episode highlighted one thing that is now crystal clear: nobody on the Right is allowed to talk about race in any context whatsoever. Never. Ever.

To do so would be to initiate a discussion on what's wrong with race-relations in this country, and the race pimps can't have that. If we were to actually inject some logic into the situation, the Left would lose huge amounts of their most beloved commodity: power.

So when any Conservative says anything about race, no matter what the context, no matter what te content, the race-pimps go into overdrive shouting them down and calling him/her a "racist".

The supposed "racism", that is supposedly "rampant" in this country is almost non-existent. The progress that has been made in the past 40 years is almost miraculous. But if Jesse Jackson were to admit that, he could no longer shake down corporations to pay for his private jet and $3000 suits.

This scumbag, along with all the others, is making millions of dollars by keeping the very people he claims to be helping in the "slavery" of Government dependence.

Why can't the blacks in this country see that? Is it really easier to not even try to better yourself than to live in poverty?

The blacks, and other minorities, in this country who have "made it" are the ones who have adopted the principles of the Right: hard work and self-sufficiency. The ones who wallow in poverty are the ones who are waiting for the government to help them.

But the ones who are wallowing are the ones who believe the line put out by Jesse and Al and Charlie: Don't even bother trying, because "whitey" ain't gonna let you succeed. I can't think of a more racist or self-defeating attitude.

But that's the way that the race-pimps like it, and that's the reason that they don't dare allow a real discussion of race in this country: minorities aren't stupid, but if the race-pimps can get them to ignore one whole side of the argument, they will live in their mansions forever. Uninformed is vastly different than stupid.

So how do we force the discussion? Bill Bennet started the process: unlike most Republicans/Conservatives who have been accused of "racism", he didn't automatically cringe and genuflect at the altar of political correctness. He knew that the charge against him was bullshit, and he defended himself. Like any bullies (smirk), when you stand up to the Left, they back down. His comments regarding Ted Kennedy lecturing him on morality were priceless.

Unfortunately, the whole thing went away. Why? Because the Left will only take these things so far because, if someone stands up for themselves, a discussion will result, and they don't want that.

What they want is another Trent Lott who, once accused kissed Jesse Jackson's ass and then went on Black Entertainment Telivision (BET) and told them that he was willing to let them do anything that they wanted to if only they'd forgive him: "Oh please, please, forgive me! My power means more to me than my dignity or being correct! Affirmitive action? You got it! Welfare reform? We'll kill it!"

And now Bill Bennett is more popular than ever, while Trent Lott hangs around the Senate cloakroom being mistaken for the coat-check girl.

What we need to do is, next time one of these manufactured "controversies" come up, keep it going. Don't run away from it and try to make it go away. Force the Left to discuss it. That's the last thing that they want.

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