Sunday, October 30, 2005

Musings of the Random Sort

  • How much did it cost to make the state-themed quarters? How about the Lewis & Clark nickel? What is their purpose?

    Don’t tell me that we can’t cut back anywhere. There are, literally, thousands of unnecessary, useless things like this that we could get rid of.

  • The Left constantly accuses the Right of being, “racially insensitive”. Well, isn’t that the same thing as being color-blind when it comes to a person’s race? Isn’t that what they told us that they wanted?

  • Liberals want to “fight the war on terror” without actually fighting a war.

  • If you’re poor in America, you’re not trying.

  • If the Theory of Evolution is the unassailable truth that the Left claims it is, why are people getting more stupid instead of less?

  • Could the reason that the death-tolls for hurricane Katrina were so over-inflated be that the Left just wants to bring us down to the level of third-world countries? Could that also be their reason for screwing with our elections, including having “observers” at them?

  • When are we going to finally get around to taking over those oil fields in Iraq that we supposedly went to war for?

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