Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I Feel Dirty

Because I'm willing to sacrifice for my beliefs, I've been Listening to Fat Ed Schultz' show on Air Unamerican since I got off work a few hours ago. My ears are bleeding and I feel soiled, and I didn't even learn anything. It's one caller after another saying the same thing, but thinking that they're clever for phrasing it in a different way than all the others.

You may or may not remember a couple of weeks ago when "Big Ed" blustered long and loud that he'd debate Dennis Prager anytime, anywhere, after Dennis criticized Fat Eddie for attacking Bill Bennet for his comments, taken out of context as always, about aborting black children.

Mr. Prager's producer called Mr. Schultz' people and they refused, flat out, any debate whatsoever at anytime, or at any place. Dennis even offered to fly to Fargo, ND on his own dime and was refused.

Eddie Schultz is a blowhard and a coward, like the vast majority of the Left. Also like most of the Left, he knows that his arguments can't stand up to the light of logic.

Fat Eddie made his excuses, but it was absolutely obvious that he didn't dare take on Dennis Prager. Dennis is one of the most brilliant and moral minds that I have ever heard speak. He would have absolutely shredded Eddie.

Ed Schultz is a loudmouthed blowhard who thinks that because he, personally, goes fishing and hunting that he lays waste to the stereotype of Lefties as effeminate PETA-members and tree-huggers. Wow, that's brilliant. The exception disproves the rule in his world: "There is one, therefore, there are none".

Tonight's rant was a typical "poor me" victimhood whine because, after negotiating to be broadcast on the Armed Forces Network (AFN), they told him that it wasn't going to happen.

Of course, as the arrogant Lefty he is, he had to turn it into an attack by the Bush Administration. He, and in his mind, he alone, broadcast the rehearsed press conference between President Bush and soldiers in Iraq. That, he believes is the reason that the AFN was ordered by the Administration not to let him be heard by our soldiers in Iraq.

Apparently Mr. Schultz has never heard of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, or any major newspaper, all of whom also criticized President Bush for that silly manuever. It was him, dammit! He was the one who broke the story! Nobody else would have ever figured it out if it wasn't for him! Me, me, me!!!

What a fool. I would have paid thousands to watch Dennis Prager rip him apart. It would have been like watching the captain of the high-school debate team debate a four-year-old.

But the most amazing part of listening to this whining drivel was the callers.

I always suspected that, when Conservative talk shows put Liberal callers on, they put the idiots on, just to make it easy on the host.

I apologize to all of those Conservative talk shows. Profusely.

Within 15 minutes, asI was driving home from work, I heard three different callers use the word "fascist" when referring to the Bush Administration and/or Conservatives. One of them also added that "we no longer live in a Democracy".

That 15 minutes includes the time that Fat Eddie, who loves to hear himself bloviate, backed up their points. So, to be fair, I'd say that the callers had maybe 7 minutes to make those brilliant statements.

The callers on Air America are, if anything, even more dim than the ones who at least have the guts to call Conservative talk shows. The callers on Air Unamerican are dolts, pure and simple. The most intelligent among them are barely articulate. The worst are just, plain painful and embarassing to listen to.

It's an endless repetition of the Democrat and Moron.org's talking points with nary an original thought to be had. The most original thing that you ever hear is a "new" conspiracy theory that they've obviously read on some website somewhere.

For anyone out there who believes in the "intellectual elitism" of the Left, think about this: mix and match any of these talk-show hosts and tell me who you think would win an intellectual contest.

On the Left we have:

  • Al Franken
  • Wendy Wilde
  • Ed Schultz

  • And in the Right corner:

  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Ron Reagan
  • Dennis Prager

  • Intellectual Elite, indeed.

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