Thursday, October 27, 2005

What's My Motivation?

The Left thinks that it knows what motivates us but, being illogical, they’ve got it all wrong. They can’t figure out what their own motivation is; what are the odds that they can figure out the motivations of the Right, which are vastly more complex than their own? Remember, theirs can be boiled down to, “I feel bad. I want to feel good”

They think that our main motivation is either “hate” or “greed”, depending on who they’re pandering to at the moment.

They think that we “hate” minorities, gays, women, the poor…name your Democrat lobbying group.

Our disgust at the tactics used by the “leaders” of these groups (the gender-feminists in the case of women), is too complex for them. You’re either with them, or you hate them. If one gay person disgusts you, you hate them all.

The same goes for members of their “protected” groups. If the actions of the gang-bangers disgust you, you must hate all black/asian/hispanic people. They’d never believe that white gang-bangers disgust us, too (i.e. skinheads).

How they reconcile this with the fact that the majority of us on the Right have friends who belong to all of their “protected” groups is purely Orwellian: the ability to ignore what your eyes are telling you.

(Does anyone else see the link between their “protected classes” and their “protected species”? They look upon their minority groups the same way that they look upon the Spotted Owl: just another animal that needs their protection. And yet, we’re called “racists”, “homophobes” and “sexist”. I smell a post.)

The Left also believes that anyone who identifies with the Right is “greedy”. They believe that we want to give everything to “the Rich”, through tax cuts, “corporate welfare” and setting the entire system up to cater to “the Rich”.

The only way that they can do this is to portray us as either ignorant trailer-trash who are dupes of “the Rich”, or ultra-wealthy Capitalist Pigs who sit in mahogany-paneled drawing rooms lighting our icky cigars with $100 bills.

Although the vast majority of Republicans are middle-class, being the good little Marxists that they are, it is absolutely critical for the Left to believe that “the workers” are on their side. Anyone who isn’t has to be either “ignorant” or “the Rich”. That is the reason that they call anyone on the Right “extremists”. There can be no one who opposes them in the middle. If their fantasy is to hold up, they have to believe that they are the center. It fits right in with their self-centeredness. Everything has to be about them, personally.

That belief excuses them from wondering why so many of us in the middle-class would want to give our money to “the Rich”.

Me, I’d be labeled as one of the “ignorant”. Though I don’t actually live in a trailer, and I own my own home, I just got lucky, somehow (they never explain how we all got so lucky or “more fortunate” *). Although I have an IQ that far surpasses the vast majority of those on the Left, I was somehow “duped” into supporting the Right. To believe anything else would cause the beliefs of the Left to crumble and disintegrate.

Again, to understand what motivates the Right is just way too complex for the simpletons who adhere to the Left. There is good, and there is bad. The only thing in between are the people who aren’t smart enough to agree with them.

*Rush Limbaugh once spoke about the concept of the “less fortunate”, as the Left likes to call the poor. “Fortune” speaks of luck, as in “fortune was with him”. That is what the Left means when they speak of the “less fortunate”. Those of us who have made something of our lives have done it because of nothing more than “fortune” or “luck” in their eyes.

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