Saturday, October 22, 2005

Take The Red Pill

While watching the movie, "The Matrix", today, it occurred to me that the premise in that movie really fits the Liberal mindset perfectly. I'm sure that the writers didn't mean it that way. In fact, knowing Hollywood, they probably meant it to be a metaphor for us "lockstep" Conservatives.

But when you look at liberals walking through life "knowing" what they "know" and never, ever questioning their beliefs, it fits perfectly. In fact, like the vast majority of the people in that universe, it never even occurs to them to question what they "know" to be reality.

But, occasionally, one of them gets unhooked from the Matrix and finally sees the world as it truly is, not the world that has been created for them to keep them placated. Those are the ones who become Conservatives.

I would wager that the vast majority of Conservatives didn't start out that way.

Many of them started out as liberals on college campuses and believed the Leftist B.S. At least until they got out in the real world and discovered that what they had been taught just didn't apply. They then became Conservatives.

The ones who remained Liberals are the ones who have never had to face the real world. They got out of college and went into government jobs, teaching jobs, management positions...places where the real world never intruded with it's dirty hands and cold logic.

When I was going to school for computer programming I was amazed at the number of teachers who were liberals. These guys were making, literally, hundreds-of-thousands of dollars a year, and yet, they were almost all liberals, or at least Democrats. Weren't rich people supposed to be Republicans?

The only answer that I could come up with is that these guys graduated from high school, went to college for computer science and landed cushy, highly-paid jobs writing computer programs. They had never had to deal with the real world and the "little people" whom they "stood for". They could talk about the "plight of the poor", but there was no way that they could relate to them.

The rest of the Conservatives were probably a lot like I was: paying little or no attention to politics whatsoever. Up until I was 25 or so, what news I got was from the MSM, and I basically agreed with them because I had never heard another point of view. Reagan was an asshole. End of story.

And then I got a new job and the guys in my shop listened to this guy named "Rush Limbaugh". At first I ridiculed him and tried to make these guys "turn some music on, for Chrisakes", but they continued to listen and I was forced to hear what this guy was saying.

To my utter amazement what Rush was saying made sense. He explained things that I had a vague notion were wrong, but could never put into words because I didn't know enough about politics. What he said was just too logical to deny. After listening to him for a few months, I was free. I was unhooked from the Matrix.

And I believe that that is a major difference between the Right and the Left.

The people on the Left started out as liberals, and most of them will stay that way for life. They are truly closed-minded. They will hear no argument, no matter how logical. They "know what they know" and no amount of logic will change that.

The people on the Right, however, came here from a different point of view. They were willing to listen to the arguments and, if it seemed logical, change their minds about issues.

I'd wager that most of my readers could confirm this.

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