Thursday, October 06, 2005

Back to the 70's

Either I'm getting really good at this blogging thing, or I'm very lucky. I'd put my money on the latter, but here's a coincidence for you.

In my post of Sept. 28th, I wrote in regard to the Washington D.C. anti-Bush rally:

The ones (protestors) in their twenties are the kids who romanticize the 60’s and are sorry that they missed the protests, the “free sex” and the partying...

These people preached “peace & love”, yet they ushered in some of the most violent, hate-filled episodes to ever occur on American soil. The SLA, The Black Panthers, bombings and the assassination of police officers were just some of the “groovy” things that these “flower children” devolved into. (emphasis added)

The youngsters at these rallies know nothing of this. They don’t realize that what they are doing could, and eventually will, just as easily degrade into the same quagmire (wink) that the 60’s did.

And now we have this:

AUSTIN, Texas - One person died in an explosion about 100 yards from a full football stadium on the University of Oklahoma campus Saturday. Authorities suspect the bombing, which occurred during the second quarter of the Oklahoma-Kansas State University game, was a suicide.

The late 60's and early seventies were marked by bombings on University campuses, usually of buildings where they had some philisophical disagreement with it's curriculum.

Here's something from the same article that I hadn't heard in other news reports:

The bomb detonated in a courtyard near George Lynn Cross Hall, OU's botany-microbiology building, three minutes before halftime, said Johnson.

Could it be that this guy was some moonbat environmentalist who didn't like them screwing with mother nature's "plant friends"? Could it be that the packed football stadium was just to ensure a large audience? Could it be that he decided to take the bombings of the hippie era to the next level by blowing himself up, too, so as to really make a statement?

That would explain the reported "jihadist" materials found in his apartment: where better to learn how to make a bomb and blow yourself up?

As I said before, these youngsters idolize the 60's culture. The same culture that degraded into sheer, screaming hatred and, eventually, violence. Sound familiar?

Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. These college kids have nothing but a sugarcoated version of the real hippie culture. Could this be the beginning of their repeating the mistakes of the past?

For anyone who's seen pictures of this guy, it was pretty obvious that he was no fan of The President. He would have fit right in in any left-wing, anti-Bush, anti-America protest.

Add to that the fact that I've heard him repeatedly being called a "social misfit", and it all fits together. While not all misfits are protestors, all protestors are misfits (my earlier post that I referenced above was actually titled "The Misfits").

Is this a stretch? Maybe. But even if this case isn't the beginning of a repeat of the early 70's bombings, I believe that they will come.

These kids aren't just playing at recreating the "flower power" era, they are, in their own minds, living it.

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