Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Misfits

Forgive me if this is a bit late, but I’ve been busy being…a lumberjack! Leaping from tree to tree, with my girlie by my side! Oh, I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK…Sorry. Got carried away there.

I’m sure that many of you caught the dueling rallies in Washington D.C. on C-SPAN this past weekend.

The contrast between the Left-wing and the Right-wing rallies was incredibly pronounced.

Let’s take a look at the differences, starting with the Left’s rally.

The anti-war, anti-Bush Leftist rally was today’s liberals in microcosm. It was sheer ugliness and hysteria. It was like watching a train wreck: horrifying, yet fascinating.

One thing that struck me when the camera panned across the crowd, was that there were very, very few, if any, people in their 30’s there. They all seemed to be in their early twenties or late 40’s and older.

The ones in their twenties are the kids who romanticize the 60’s and are sorry that they missed the protests, the “free sex” and the partying. When I was their age, I romanticized the 60’s, too. I knew nothing about politics, but the music was (and still is) so cool, the freedom that the young people seemed to have back then, the defying of the “authorities” and yes, the free sex and partying were very appealing when I was that age.

The fact is, yes the music was cool, bit it’s message was na├»ve. The so-called free sex came at the cost of disease, jealousy and unwanted pregnancies. All that partying led to addiction, legal troubles and the fun of watching your friends O.D.

And as far as “freedom” went, these people were, as they are today, locked into a rigid social system that far outdoes anything that the so-called “establishment” ever created. Any dissent with the Leftist party line was crushed mercilessly.

These people preached “peace & love”, yet they ushered in some of the most violent, hate-filled episodes to ever occur on American soil. The SLA, The Black Panthers, bombings and the assassination of police officers were just some of the “groovy” things that these “flower children” devolved into.

The youngsters at these rallies know nothing of this. They don’t realize that what they are doing could, and eventually will, just as easily degrade into the same quagmire (wink) that the 60’s did.

The older ones at the rally were the real ex-hippies who were trying to relive their heyday. They remember it as a time of “meaningfulness”, but it was mostly about the free sex and the partying. They may have convinced themselves otherwise over the years, but they didn’t really care about whatever “cause” they were shrieking about back then, and they really don’t care about it now. Which leads to my next point.

The speakers at the anti-war rally, such as Ralph Nader and Jessica Lange, just seemed like they were acting all worked up. Ralph Nader seemed like he was giving a campaign speech for the ten-thousandth time (which is, basically, true) and couldn’t really get into it. Jessica Lange whom, I must say, looked about 20 pounds overweight and 20 years older, spewed the usual Leftist talking points in the usual hysterical way. She read every word as if reading from a script, which is, after all, exactly what she was doing. Watching this woman it occurred to me that she, like so many on the Left, is a complete idiot who would be speechless if she didn’t have a script in front of her.

In fact, almost all of the speakers at the Left’s rally did nothing but read prepared statements to the crowd of backpack-wearing, shorts and combat boots crowd. They all say the exact same thing, yet they have to read it from a sheet of paper. If you care so much about a subject, don’t you think that you could get by with a few notes instead of reading something verbatim?

One girl grabbed the microphone in a death-grip and screamed for 5 minutes straight about the American “occupation” of Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Philippines (?).

When she was done with her shrill rant, she and some friends held up some poorly-made banner and started some odd, stomping “dance” while chanting some stupid rhyme set to the tune of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall”. When they screwed it all up, they all started giggling! It doesn’t seem to be terribly sincere when you can go from a hate-filled, shrieking, hysterical rant, to giggling only 30 seconds later.

Like the rest, she couldn’t care less about her so-called “cause”. The real point of her rant was, “Pay attention to me!!!”

And the people in the crowd, these “freedom-loving individualists”, were all dressed the same. Most of them had backpacks on, sandals or combat boots seemed to be the only choices of footwear (The Princess will be horrified by that), shorts & t-shirt or sundresses were all that covered any torso, bad haircuts and cheesy facial hair (mostly on the “men”) were the order of the day. So much for individuality.

Who are these people? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: these are the misfits, the powerless kids back in school. The ones who had no friends either because they had no personality or, more often, because the personality that they did have was so grating, so adversarial, that no one wanted to hang around with them. And now they’ve all banded together. They’ve finally found a place where they fit in amongst the other misfits.

And they look upon Conservatives as the normal kids who made their lives miserable and whom they so hated.

Which leads us right on in to looking at the “support our troops”, pro-Bush rally.

The people at this rally looked normal. They looked like the people down the block who you wave to as you drive by while they work in their yard.

There were suits and ties, dresses, polo shirts and khakis, jeans and t-shirts…any manner of dress that you can name. These were the real people of America, not the brainwashed, lockstep masses of the Left dressed in their “unique” uniforms that all look alike.

They were all ages, from teenagers, to people who were, obviously, in their 80’s, not just the ex-hippies and the wannabe hippies.

There were no childish chants or any other displays. Just the facts, ma’am.

There was no screaming and ranting. There was plenty of emotion, but no feigned, shrieking “outrage”.

The patriotism and the support for the troops were obviously genuine. These people weren’t just mouthing the words. The people involved in the Leftist rally were, obviously, “supporting” the troops only because they knew that to do otherwise would make pariahs out of them. That’s why they always say, “We support the troops, but…”

Just as 5% of your school consisted of misfits who hated everybody, so today the Left consists of 5% of the population who hate everybody. They’re the same people. They never went through the socializing process that most people went through that taught them how to get along with other people. They had no friends. They lived in their own little world. Their view of the world was whatever their bitter, little minds made it out to be while they sat, alone, in their bedrooms. They wanted to be part of a group, but they were never accepted.

And then, one day, they found “The Left”: a group of fellow misfits who would accept anybody, as long as they “believed” the correct things or, at least, mouthed the words and were willing to be used for political purposes.

And willing they were. They had finally found a group that they could belong to. After spending their entire lives on the outside, craving the personal contact that is so important to children and teenagers, they would “believe” whatever they had to, as long as it meant that they could have “friends”.

As I’ve said before: they don’t care about whatever “cause” they’re currently going into hysterics about. They just want attention and companionship. The alternative, in their minds, is to go back to sitting in their bedrooms by themselves, alone and lonely.

I’d almost feel sorry for them, but they can’t understand that this is no longer high school and all of the “cliques” are gone. We on the Right would gladly welcome them to our side, if they’d just grow up and think for themselves.

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