Tuesday, July 12, 2005


How screwed up does our government have to be to get to the point that shutting it down costs millions of dollars?

"State employees contributed $10.1 million worth of either lost pay or vacation time during the shutdown," Ludeman said. "You could also say the state lost $10 million worth of productivity on the part of those employees."

Now Cal Ludeman is the Employee Relations Commissioner in Minnesota, but he is a long time Democrat from way back.

What he is really trying to do is scare people into not supporting future shutdowns. Most of the money that he's talking about would have been paid out anyway.

How do you contribute "lost pay"? Does that make sense to anyone? Class? Anyone?

The only way that it makes any sense is if we're going to give them back pay (which I wouldn't doubt) so that they can get paid twice for the work that they would have had to do if they hadn't been "laid off".

And the vacation time that they were forced to take now would have been paid out eventually anyway.

And as far as losing $10 million worth of productivity from these people, the root of the word "productivity" is "produce". As with all Lefties and/or Democrats, Cal actually believes that the Government produces something!

Other than red tape and mounds of uneccessary paperwork, I can't think of one thing that the Government produces.

This whole "shutdown" has been a joke from the beginning. From what I can tell, the only things that were shut down wer highway rest areas, traffic cams and some licensing offices. Other than that, 80% of the Government was functioning as normal. That's right, 80%!

And the Left in this state spoke of it as if the Apocalypse were upon us.

So, shutting down 20% of the Government for 8 days "cost" us $16 million. What's wrong with that picture?

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