Friday, July 01, 2005

Lazy Days of Summer

The kid's gone for the weekend, no pressing emergencies. To hell with the yard, piss on the house, the dishes can wait until tomorrow.

For tonight, methinks I'll sit here blogging while I have a few cocktails. As Robert Plant once said, "Sippin booze is precedent/As the evening starts to glow" (name that tune). If I'm babbling incoherently by the end of the night, you know why. Ditto if I'm typing in all capital letters screaming about what a "&%^*(*(^%%#" Ted Kennedy is (name that profanity).

Man, what an exciting life I lead, huh? When you consider that I was once the "life of the party" type, it's truly odd that I'm happiest right here in my big, ol' quiet house. Alone, but far from lonely. After all, I have the voices. They're endlessly entertaining.

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