Saturday, July 23, 2005

Shut the Universities Down and Try Again

Here's what we're up against when it comes to the education of our youth. From FrontPage Magazine:

“You’ll never believe this,” he told me. “The instructor, an imam, dismisses the class, then he spreads paper towels from the restroom on the floor and prays facing East in the classroom for fifteen minutes during school hours. Talk about a separation of church and state in the classroom,” he complained.

“But was that all? What about the course content?” I asked.

“That’s even worse. The instructor taught and insisted that Israel had stolen all its land prior to 1967. My family was actively involved in purchasing the land there during the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s for the Jewish National Fund and when I told him that in class he insisted it was ‘All lies!’” He also said, “When I told him I had official documents I could show the class, including copies of land sales agreements and deeds to the Jewish National Agency and the Jewish National Fund, he said they were probably ‘forgeries’ and he wouldn’t allow me to show them.”

This guy is a genuine Isalmofascist teaching in an American University. He spreads nothing but outright lies and hatred-propaganda (and paper towels) and, when called on any of it (which seems to happen pretty rarely), he calls them a liar or a propagandist.

And, apparently the vast majority of the students there just take his word at face value. They even harrass anyone who disagrees with the Imam!

And the Dean aparrently had no idea what was going on in that classroom!

It's a pretty long article, but it's endlessly fascinating. You really need to read it if you doubt that the anti-American left has taken over academia.


  1. Higher education used to be about critical thinking skills. Now it's regurgitation of a specific ideology.

    How progressive.

  2. Regurgitation. Appropriate word. It's the kind of drivel that makes me puke.

  3. I really enjoy your Blog.

    Hell, the title alone makes it worth a click!

    Anyway... posted a link to you on my little blog...


    Thanks for the laughs!


  4. I sincerely wish that I could believe that wasn't happening in a college today, but I don't even question that author. I have seen so much liberalism and PC in acedemnia that I'll belive anything. Like a book published by the U of MN that advocates sex with minors.

    The Onion can't beat the insanity of reality in college today.

  5. Yeah, Tracy, I remember that nutjob woman. She was arguing that only a "small amount" of our taxpayer money went to publish that apology for child molestors.

    Well, I guess if it's only a small amount of my money that's encouraging people to rape children, then it's OK.

    I'm not a big Michael Savage fan, but he's right: Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  6. Great post!! Hope you find this comment.

  7. I always find my comments, Stacy. Like most other bloggers, I assume, it's one of the things that keeps us going.

    It wouldn't make much sense to stand on a soapbox preaching to an empty square.

  8. Guys, you all seem to assume that this has only been going on since the 50s. Sorry, it goes way farther back than that. There were patriots in academia decrying this very thing in 1894. This did not happen over night. It has been building for well over 120 years. Shortsightedness is a sin the west has often been guilty of. Thank {Yaweh,Jehovah,Allah,God} that our enemies are also afflicted with this illness.