Friday, July 15, 2005

The Charlie Brown Party

Apparently the only people who didn't know that Valerie Plame was a CIA employee were the Democrat members of Congress and the MSM.

These people have had the football pulled out from under them right before they kicked it so many times that they should rename it the "Charlie Brown" party. I suppose that we'd have to rename Republicans to the "Lucy Van Pelt" party, but I guess I could live with that.

I honestly believe that these people are completely incapable of learning. They are still in the 1980's mode when the MSM was the only place to get any information and they could twist any story to fit their agenda with no fear of opposition.

It seems like they forget, over and over again, that there are tens of millions of us out here now, checking their facts, checking timelines, recalling the original stories so that they can't rewrite history, recalling quotes and using actual logic to see if their story holds up.

It's like a little kid who gets so excited by the game that he forgets to go to the bathroom and pees all over himself (yeah, I know, kind of a gross analogy, but fitting, don't you think?).

When the story first started a few days ago, I thought, "Oh, oh, did they finally find something that they can spin enough to make stick against Rove"? But then, as the day went on, it started to have a very familiar tone to it all. Just like the Texas Air National Guard memos and Newsweeks Gitmo story. It was just too shrill and maniacally gleeful on the part of the Left.

And these Democrats in Congress...what can you say about these lying phonies? They have "feigned outrage" down to an art! Well, only if you define "art" as having all of the believablity of a Junior High School play.

Does anyone believe that they give anything even approaching a rat's ass about whether or not the charges that were leveled against Karl Rove were true? They weren't "outraged" or "concerned" for Valerie Plame's safety. The only people who actually believe that they are are their constituents in Moonbatville. And they're just as obsessed with harming President Bush as the rest of the Left.

Why would anyone vote for posers like that? How could your average, middle-America Democrat see them acting hurt and outraged over something that they obviously couldn't care less about, and still vote for them?

I'll never understand that, but then "phoniness" is about the worst sin you can commit in my book. Anyone who is that phony has to be doing it to hide some major flaw in their make up.

Yes, they'll always have the vote of the phonies on the Left, but how many times can the average voter see these guys work themselves into a lather only to watch them sheepishly say, "Never mind", before they lose complete respect for them?

"Charlie Brown, I''ll hold the football and you come running up and kick it..."

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