Monday, July 25, 2005

Random Musing Alert

I'm going to try something different here. Quite often, I get random thoughts that drift through my mind. They're nothing that really needs to be fleshed out in the form of a post (although you can take them and run with them if you'd like), but more like "one-liners". Kind of like that thing that Larry King does but, hopefully, these will actually make sense and be more thought-provoking than, "I don't like Mongolian Barbeque".

Let's begin.

- Why is it that a woman's "right to privacy" can involve killing perfectly viable human babies, but steroids are banned? Why aren't athletes running around with "Keep your laws off my body" signs?

- From what I understand of the recent Supreme Court "10 Commandments" ruling, it’s OK to display them, but only if they’re in a nice frame.

- The Supreme Court has become the Legislative Branch II.

- On Fox news this morning, one of the hosts mentioned that the terrorist attacks in London had the mark of Al Qaeda because they were set off simultaneously, and went on to say how difficult that is to pull off. They've been saying the same thing since the embassy bombings in Africa a few years ago. Have any of these people ever heard of a wristwatch? It's 10:00, push the button. How hard is that?

- The Left “supports the troops” as one great, big huggable group, mostly because they still believe that the military is made up of the "underclass" who had no choice but to join the military. But when a military recruiter shows up on campus, he's treated just a bit worse than would be Satan himself. Again, this shows the Left's love of "groups" and hatred of "individuals".

- "Neocons" are supposedly former liberals who have been "mugged by reality". So, name me one "former liberal" in the Bush administration who matters. Bush himself is called a "neocon", but do you think that he was ever a liberal? Or Karl Rove? Especially as defined by today's standards? Maybe a "classic liberal", but that defines about 90% of the Republican party today. Not the small sliver that has supposedly "taken over" the administration. I don't buy it. Methinks it's just a way to whip up even more hatred from the Left: "these people were once our comrades, but they have betrayed us!"

OK, that last one started turning into an actual post, so I thought I'd better quit.

I'll be posting more Random Musings like clockwork whenever I get around to it. If you like them, let me know. If you hate them, let me know. If you couldn't begin to even approach the idea of thinking about the mere possibility that you may have anything even approximating an opinion, feel free to forever hold your peace (Thank you Mr. Adams, who is now and forever sitting in the Restaurant at the End of the Universe conversing with his entree).


  1. Should have kept it going, Exile. That was going in a way good direction.

  2. like clockwork whenever I get around to it

    Clocks must work very oddly in MN... :)

  3. That was great. Isn't this why we all blog? Too much $h!t to vent to a spouse.

  4. I'm glad you got the joke, Stuffle.

    My former spouse, Stacy, used to just roll her eyes when I started talking about politics. She couldn't be bothered to care about what was right for our daughter's future. Not the reason that I divorced her, but it sure didn't help matters.

    On the bright side, she trusted my knowledge enough to just vote the Republican ticket (as far as I know), although I had to remind her which party to vote for every two years.

  5. Wristwatch! I loved that one.

    I'll have to do a few random posts. Great idea.

  6. You forgot the liberal view of womens' rights - It is a sin/crime to offend or perpetrate violence against women, unless you are a Democrat leader or an Islamofacist. Multicultural social ordering and political power outweight the rights of any one interest group or individual.

  7. Hi, Exile. I saw your post at Pandagon. That was you preaching about what destroys male-female realtionships, right? Here's some advice: don't talk to (or about) your woman like she's a trained pet. We don't like that.