Monday, July 18, 2005

I Smell a (Democ)Rat

I, like many other people, thought that this Karl Rove thing had pretty much burned out last week. Apparently not. The Red Star Tribunal ran at least 2 stories in it’s Op/Ex section on Sunday, both (surprise!) keeping up the Democrat lies and accusing the Bush administration of “smearing” documented liar Joe (More Me Now!) Wilson.

In addition there was letter after letter calling for Karl Rove’s head and two anti-Rove cartoons.

Why did this story suddenly regain life after seeming to die down? Of course I have no proof, but do you think it’s possible that the Dems went to the ultimate spin machinists this weekend and asked Bill and/or Hillary what they should do about this faltering story?

The sudden re-emergence of the story and complication of the facts, in addition to the constant repetition has all the earmarks of the Clintons’ way of dealing with scandals.

The Clintons always tried to make the scandal as complicated as possible, knowing that most people who aren’t political junkies would just tune out and go back to watching “American Idol” or whatever drivel is currently on broadcast TV. And then they’d just repeat their sound bites endlessly through their allies in the MSM* until it became the accepted truth.

That seems to be exactly what’s happening here. What’s odd is that they didn’t try this with any of the past “scandals” (Memogate, Club Gitmo, etc.), but let them fade away once the facts came out.

Do you think that it’s possible that Bill and/or Hillary finally got fed up with watching these people “mishandle” these “scandals”, and with the damage they’ve been doing to the Democrat party and said, “Listen, here’s how you manage this thing.”? After all, if the Democrats fall any lower, they could run God as their candidate in 2008 and lose.

You hear plenty about President Bush’s “low” approval ratings, but never hear a lot about Democrats’ poll numbers, which make The President’s look absolutely rosy. One recent poll that I saw said that only 38% of Americans had “warm feelings” toward the Democrat party (compared to 46% that said the same about Republicans). That has to throw Hillary into an absolute panic. She can’t win with those kind of numbers, no way, no how.

There’s got to be a reason that they’re keeping the attack machine going even after all of the facts coming out are on Rove’s side. They haven’t done that before. Or at least since the 1990’s...

*WARNING: The MSM is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party. Any reproduction of material without the express written consent of the DNC may cause manifestation’s of Howard Dean’s “Tourette’s Syndrome”.

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  1. Even the Kerry campaign dumped Wilson. That should tell ya something.