Thursday, July 21, 2005

Isms Are Dead

It occurs to me that the "isms" are mostly dead.

Racism, sexism, your ism. They no longer exist.

Sure, there are a few outcasts who still believe that peoples' race, age, gender, etc. make it Ok to discriminate against them, but for the vast, vast majority of Americans (although not for Middle Easters, South Americans, Asians, Europeans, etc.), discrimination is no longer based on their physical attributes.

I'm your typical Republican. I have friends from every "ism" that you can think of.

I don't care about your skin color. I don't care about your gender. I don't care about your age. I couldn't care less about where your ancestors came from. I really don't even care who you sleep with, as long as you're not shoving it in my face and trying to make me "celebrate" it.

What I care about is your character! Just as Martin Luther King Jr. said, "I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character". The character that I see in black neighborhoods is severely lacking. White people who act that way disgust me, too.

They have been told for so long by people like Jesse Jackson that they are victims, that they believe that they no longer have to obey the law because it's "society's fault". And then they complain that they are arrested in inordinate numbers.

It's not skin color, gender or anything else that we have a problem with. It's their attitude.

Refusing to assimilate into society, even calling people who do assimilate "Uncle Toms", will do nothing but keep blacks in their own self-made ghettoes.

If you refuse to learn to speak proper English, don't whine about not being hired for a job. Communication is a huge part of the workplace. Don't expect the entire country to start speaking Ebonics because you want a job. That goes for Spanish, Somali, Laotian and Russian, too.

Once you get a job, keep it.

Yeah, I know that it's a "stereotype", but I can't count the number of black guys I’ve worked with who did nothing but look for an excuse to quit their job. One or two may be a stereotype, but I've seen hundreds.

And why is that? Is it because "whitey's out to get me"? Is it because the “System” is racist? Is it because racism is “institutionalized”? No, it’s because Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Charlie Rangel and all of the rest of the race pimps have given them an excuse not to work. They can just blame it on “racism” and everyone in their neighborhood will just nod their heads knowingly.

Anyone of any race in this country has the same opportunities that I have today. As long as they assimilate into American culture. That’s the way that it’s always been, and many cultures have done it before them and prospered.

But because there was real racism in this country 40 years ago, they still use the term “oppressed”. Don’t believe me? Tell me when the last lynching took place.

If they can’t get beyond that, don’t blame me.


Sexism. In this day and age, the term is just plain silly.

I know that women supposedly make less money than men for the same job, but the dirty little secret to all of these polls is that they lump “stay-at-home-moms” in with all of the other women, thereby bringing the wages of the whole gender down.

In addition, men are much, much more likely than women to be doing the dangerous jobs that, naturally, pay more than other jobs.

But the feminists who rely on these numbers to make a living (which is much better than what I make, I’d bet) will never tell you that.

Today, there are more women than men enrolling in college.

Small businesses started by women are far outpacing those started by men.

As always, the test of the Liberal BS-O-Meter is whether you believe what you’re told by them, or whether you believe what your own experience tells you.

Out of the last 4 jobs that I’ve had, 2 of my supervisors were women. That’s 50%, folks. And I’m in a blue-collar field. Tell me that women are underrepresented.

Men and boys have been so vilified as dumb brutes over the past 30 years in schools, in sitcoms, in commercials, in every part of American society, that many of them have just went along with the whole premise and become the stereotype (not unlike the racial stereotype).

Women and girls, on the other hand, have been told that they are superior to males, but have been oppressed by the “patriarchy”. They have been told that they are ‘victims” from the time they were old enough to understand the term, and many of them have taken that message to heart and used it for all it’s worth.

Somehow this particular class of “victim” gets preferential treatment in schools.

Somehow these “victims” aren’t drugged at nearly the rate that boys are for showing the natural tendencies of their gender.

Somehow these “victims” get the house and the kids in 90% of divorces.

Somehow these “victims”, who throw the first punch in most (yes, most) domestic disputes, are rarely the ones who get dragged off to jail and, somehow, the male is always seen as the “aggressive” personality.

Somehow these “victims” are eligible for all sorts of aid because they’re single-mothers, but those of us who are white, single-fathers are eligible for exactly nothing (whether I’d take it or not even if I were eligible, I don’t know. Struggling seems preferable to Government red-tape at this point).

In other words, this “minority” that is actually a small majority gets societal benefits that men could never dream of. But because of their status 30 years ago, they are still seen as oppressed.

Ageism. What a joke that is.

The Democrats would still try to make you believe that old folks are surviving on dog-food and living in poverty.

Once again, look around you. Don’t believe what the Left is telling you. What do you see?

Retirees in this country are among the wealthiest segment of the populace. I say, “good for them!” but I wish the AARP would quit making them out to be victims.

The AARP, while it may have been started with good intentions, has become just another Socialist lobbying group trying to redistribute your money to old people. Sure, some of these old-timers could use some help, and that’s fine.

But the AARP bitterly opposes means-testing for Social Security, which means that seniors who have, literally, millions of dollars are still getting their $500 a month from SSI. Sure, they worked for it. But do you think that they’d miss it if it weren’t there? But this supposed “greatest generation” isn’t willing to give it up for the good of the country. Even if they wanted to give it up, they can’t because of the AARP, who made sure that, legally, all seniors must get their check.

And, of course, the AARP opposes “privatizing” Social Security, even though their actual members wouldn’t be eligible for it. Why? Because if senior citizens were to, eventually, make it on their own, the AARP would have no reason to exist. And these age-pimps, like any other left-wing group, don’t want to actually solve the problem. That would put them out of power. And power, to these Leftists, is what life is about.

The AARP doesn’t get nearly enough bad press even among the “right-wing” talk shows, blogs, etc.

These people are one of the biggest lobbying groups in the country and their views are nothing short of Socialism. And, as with all Leftist groups, they couldn’t care less about their supposed “constituencies”, all they want is the power and the money. Mostly the power.

Again, 30 years ago, it may have been different. I’m sure that there were many, many senior citizens who were living in abject poverty.

But that was before the advent of the employer-sponsored 401(k) and the IRA (both thanks to the Republican Party) and being able to avoid the devastation of taxes on your savings.

And the people who stand for all of the above are trying to call themselves “progressives”, which seems to be the new term for Liberal. These people who say that they stand for “progress” are still living in the 1960’s. They believe that nothing has changed since then. They believe that there has been no “progress” even though we have progressed beyond all of the “isms”.

The only people who are keeping these “isms” alive are the race-pimps, the gender-pimps and the age-pimps who make their living and derive their power by making sure that these people keep their victimhood status instead of joining society as happy, productive people. People who actually appreciate this country and all that it has to offer them, if only they could get beyond the easy excuse of being a “victim”.

The so-called “progressive” liberals in this country are unable to “progress” beyond their hey-day of the ‘60’s. If they were to acknowledge the progress that this country has made, they would be useless and their “causes” would be shown for the shams that they are.

And then they would have no choice but to acknowledge that this country is far beyond any culture this earth has ever known.

Don’t hold your breath.

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  1. You're right.
    The 60s generation as a group, has done more to damage civilsation than any other I can think of.
    They created the victim culture and all the institutions that serve to perpetuate it in order to justify their own existence.
    Their 'me' attitude hasn't mellowed with time, and they keep foisting their drug-addled vision on the rest of us.