Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Is It Any Wonder?

It's no wonder that the media, the Democrats and the Left are having multiple orgasms over this supposed Karl Rove lie.

By this time in Bill Clinton's administration he and his administration had been investigated for years on his way to impeachment, and had had countless lies exposed.

George Bush is well into his 5th year in office.

The Left has called him "corrupt" , a "war criminal", a "Nazi", a "Fascist", the man who has established "gulags", a man who has committed atrocities on the level of Pol Pot, Hitler and Stalin.

And yet, George W. Bush, nor anyone in his administration, have ever been under any kind of serious investigation by any official body.

Yet, the best the Left can come up with, after 5 years, is the possibility that Karl Rove may have lied when he said that he didn't give a reporter some information attributed to him. And, unless Mr. Cooper has it on tape, it can never really be proven either way.

Bill Clinton didn't even make it to his inauguration before having his lies exposed (Gennifer Flowers anyone?).

And his was supposed to be the "most ethical administration in history".

The Left is desperate. Their playbook from 2000 is to pay back Republicans for the Clinton scandals by "getting" Bush. Unfortunately for them, George Bush runs his administration the way that any good Christian would.

Damn those Christians!

He doesn't allow the subversive games and attacks from his people that defined the Clinton administration. He expects complete honesty from his people. He does what he thinks is right, no matter what the polls may say. He makes decisions that may be unpopular, but that he knows are right.

Compare that to Bill Clinton who wouldn't pick his nose without a "focus group" telling him whether that particular action would be viewed as Presidential and increase his poll ratings.

Go ahead oh ye in the MSM, but realize that it isn't anything approaching the story that you wish that it was.


A) The vast majority of Americans have no idea what the Left is actually accusing Rove of. They just don't pay that much attention, unfortunately.
B) You blew your wad with the WMD argument. Everybody knew that Hussein had WMD's. Until they didn't materialize. Your credibility disintegrated when you attacked Bush after you had agreed with him a few days earlier.
C) After all of your previous mistakes (i.e. Newsweeks Koran story, the CBS TANG memos, etc.) nobody really trusts you anymore.

So have at it. Attack Karl Rove all you want. It won't help. The worst that the MSM (and the Left) can do is to have Karl Rove step down. Big deal.

The Left thinks that Karl Rove is the "NeoCon" who controls everything in the administration, but he could disappear tomorrow and Bush's philosophy wouldn't change a bit.

The Left can't understand that there could be an administration which doesn't govern by popularity (i.e. polls) but by morals. Even Reagan couldn't make them understand that.

Polls are popularity contests, and the Left wants nothing more than to be popular. Just as any child does.


  1. I read 'Because He Could' and learned alot about Clinton. He was a sexist coward. The left keeps digging that hole deeper and deeper, I see a major meltdown occurring over there soon.

  2. When the left melts down, it's going to be quite a sight. I hope to see it soon.